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The 2008 Baker’s Dozen of Employee Recognition Service Providers

The 13 top providers ranked by buyers.

by HROT Staff

1.  Rideau Recognition Solutions      

1.6 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Rideau offers a complete suite of traditional and web-based recognition and incentive programs that can scale to any customer size. A vertically integrated company, it provides high-performance, end-to-end solutions from program conceptualization, design, and branding through manufacturing, product merchandising, data management, and global 24-hour distribution.

Key Clients in 2007: VisaDesjardins, Boeing, H&RBlock, RBC, and Scotiabank

Services: Rideau’s solutions include a wide range of tailor-made programs that increase customer and employee performance, retention, loyalty, engagement, and ultimately ROI. Most popular programs include corporate merchandise, service awards, performance awards, performance management, safety incentives, and cash incentives.

Most important metrics: Number of employees incentivized in 2007 (1.6 million); number of rewards and recognition programs administered (122); and company net sales ($58 million Canadian).



2.  Michael C. Fina      

More than 1 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: As a family-owned and operated business since 1935, Michael C. Fina provides a multitude of employee recognition programs aimed at increasing engagement, lowering turnover and improving work/life balance. Working together with companies around the world, including many Fortune 100 companies, Michael C. Fina offers recognition solutions that support each customer’s mission, vision, and core values.

Key Clients in 2007: UPS, IBM, Wachovia, Citi

Services: One Source Total Recognition; early engagement; lifestyles inspiration; total vision recognition; FANS; and recognition initiatives including performance awards, early engagement; workplace safety, injury prevention, wellness, attendance, retirement, condolence, years of service, new baby gifts, employee referrals and suggestions, and holiday and business gifts.

Most important metrics: Customer experiences and employee engagement.



3.  Diamond H Recognition      

More than 1 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Diamond H Recognition is focused on delivering total recognition solutions to support HR professionals in inspiring and engaging their workforce. Guided by experienced thought leaders, it offers a suite of platforms called Inspirus, which was developed to deliver powerful reinforcement, recognition, and reward solutions.

Key Clients in 2007: Delta Air Lines, Wells Fargo, Geico, Centex, Xerox, and other Fortune 1000 companies

Services: Diamond H Recognition provides an end-to-end recognition solution supported by personalized service and support. Services include service awards and on-the-spot recognition as well as multifaceted SaaS recognition platforms that can enhance recognition program management, communication, integration, budgeting, reporting, and ROI modeling.

Most important metrics: Achievement of client business objectives, employee participation rates, recognition contacts, recognition impressions, surveys, and engagement indices.



4.  Anderson Performance Improvement Company      

350,000 employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Anderson Performance Improvement designs and implements behavior-based incentive and recognition programs that include analysis, measurement, communications, training, reinforcement, and rewards.

Key Clients in 2007: N/A

Services: Recognition including nomination, peer and manager recognition, and manager discretionary awards; incentives include rewards for improvement or goal achievement in sales, service, operations/manufacturing, finance, and IT; years of service include client-designed years-of-service point structure awards; wellness includes engagement and rewards associated with increased awareness, teaming for better health, increased and targeted activity.

Most important metrics: Profit increase; revenue growth; wellness financial impact; productivity; product sales; employee and customer satisfaction; first-pass resolution; product referrals; safety, and lost time prevention.



5.  Globoforce          

1.7 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Globoforce helps the world’s largest and most complex companies engage and motivate their employees by fostering a culture of appreciation that breaks down the boundaries of country, language, and company position.

Key Clients in 2007: Amgen; Avnet; Biogen Idec; BP; Discovery Communications; Dow Chemical; Fairmont Hotels & Resorts; Global Crossing; Intel; Intuit; Nortel; Polaris; Procter & Gamble; SABIC Innovative Plastics; Thomson Reuters; and Wrigley

Services: Globoforce’s web-based software platform offers multiple languages and currencies, SOLI (standard of living index), manager-to-employee and peer-to-peer recognition, approvals workflow, allocation controls, reporting and administration, and rewards selection. The company also offers program design and deployment consulting, and communications planning and execution.

Most important metrics: Weekly award nominations as a percent of total employee population; reward redemptions; employee engagement and satisfaction surveys pre- and post-program launch; user feedback surveys; and overall business results.



6.  Perks.com          

More than 3.5 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Headquartered in Los Angeles and with offices in Austin, TX; Boston; Houston; Little Rock, AR; London; and New York, Perks.com serves national and international clients across five continents.

Key Clients in 2007: Bank of America, Microsoft, B&H Photo, BP, Continental Tire

Services: Program design consultation; online recognition systems (peer-to-peer nomination, on-the-stop rewards cards, training, safety recognition, attendance, years of service, and recruiting), points-based tracking; reward fulfillment; surveys; and custom promotions.

Most important metrics: Engagement through registration, content viewing, scoring on training tests, and ROI on program.



7.  Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.          

More than 100,000 employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Headquartered in Pine Brook, NJ, Rymax is unique in the industry in that it is a full-service incentive company and a manufacturer’s representative. The company has additional sales offices located throughout the country with bicoastal fulfillment centers in New Jersey and Nevada.

Key Clients in 2007: N/A

Services: Customized web platform solution; comprehensive reporting capabilities; brand name merchandise; tailored product mix; customized kits and packages; bicoastal distribution centers; performance tracking; custom reporting; surveying and customer feedback; complete events coordination; reward banquets; shopping sprees; guided program launch; open communications channels; product training; and Race for Rewards.

Most important metrics: Overall ROI; employees retained/added; and sales lift.



8. TharpeRobbins          

More than 1 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Headquartered in Statesville, NC, TharpeRobbins serves its clients from three facilities encompassing more than 200,000 square feet. Each year, TharpeRobbins delivers millions awards to participants in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Key Clients in 2007: ADT/SimplexGrinnell; Ford Motor Company; Honeywell; Procter & Gamble; Coca-Cola; First Data; Smurfit-Stone; Fluor; YUM Brands; and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Services: Service award programs; performance award programs; innovative and specialized technology solutions; custom jewelry manufacturing; in-house customization of awards with logo; full-service fulfillment and distribution; person-to-person customer service; training, creative design services; printing services; presentation packaging; and competitive warranty.

Most important metrics:  On-time award distribution rate of 98 percent; 4.5 out of 5 average rating on customer satisfaction surveys; and less than  one percent award return rate.


9. O.C. Tanner         

2.5 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: With headquarters in Salt Lake City, the 80-year-old company operates offices throughout North America and has facilities in Burlington, Ontario; London; and Tokyo.

Key Clients in 2007: AvisBudget Group; Baker Hughes; Dunkin’ Brands; KPMG; Quest Diagnostics; Schlumberger; The Auto Club Group; and The Nielsen Company

Services:  O.C. Tanner designs and operates incentive, recognition, gifting, and service solutions for its clients. Services include program design, training, consulting, program management, communications and branding, measurement, technology, and award services.

Most important metrics:  Metrics are client specific and link to corporate goals, mission, vision, values, and program goals/outcomes. 



10. Bennett Brothers, Inc. (Choose-Your-Gift)

More than 250,000 employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Bennett Brothers, Inc. provides a choice of programs for both administrators and recipients. Programs offer multiple price points (from $20 to $1,000), diverse brand-name products, easy customization, and program reporting. All programs are backed by its reward catalog and allow access to redemption reporting.

Key Clients in 2007: Colonial Penn, Electrolux, AFLAC, Bally’s, DeVry, Abbott Laboratories, Hooters, Sleepy’s Mattress, Caesar’s Entertainment, and Twin Spires Club

Services:  Instant recognition; incentive programs; anniversary; safety; online programs; and customer loyalty programs.

Most important metrics: Motivation matrix assists in the development and alignment of employees to corporate goals.


The following are unranked due to insufficient customer data.


More than 5 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: Since 1997, IncentOne has been a provider of integrated reward, recognition and incentive solutions to clients across a variety of industries— financial services, manufacturing, insurance, consumer goods, health care, pharmaceuticals, medical services, accounting, real estate, international distribution, consulting, and other major industries.

Key Clients in 2007: Safeway, Kaiser Permanente, Deloitte, and Independence Blue Cross/

Services:  Provides turnkey, flexible and scalable integrated incentive solutions  with non-monetary and monetary reward portfolio, advanced systems and services, data integration management, online and offline components, multilingual services and client-specific customization.

Most important metrics: Success metrics vary by program, can include enrollment/participation rates, improved outcomes, risk reduction, cost savings, sales increase, increased satisfaction/productivity/retention, new acquisitions.



More than 1.5 million employees serviced in 2007


Comment: With nearly 4,000 people in four countries, Maritz offer recognition services in addition to market research, learning and coaching, meetings, events and incentive travel, loyalty marketing, experiential marketing, and sponsorship marketing.

Key Clients in 2007: Diverse client roster includes 28 of the 50 largest companies in the world.

Services:  Maritz offers complete recognition and incentive program design and operations; reward sourcing and fulfillment; merchandise and reward cards for employees based in the U.S. and around the world; group and individual travel; consulting and assessment; employee and marketing research; rules modeling and performance analysis; and learning solutions including leadership engagement.

Most important metrics: Achievement of clients’ measures of success agreed upon at onset of each initiative.



The Terryberry Company

550,000 employees serviced in 2007


Comment: The Terryberry Company has been a provider in the North American custom service award market for 90 years. It offers programs to recognize sales performance, years of service, safety milestones, and a long list of special achievements. It has served more than 25,000 organizations in their employee reward and recognition programs.

Key Clients in 2007: A cross-section of industries and clients ranging from family-owned businesses to members of the Fortune 500.

Services: Service award programs; sales award programs and performance-based incentive programs; points-based programs; recognition system design and implementation; full-service administration tools including custom online award selection programs, online reporting and tracking tools, and client-branded award selection catalogs; toll-free award selection; recognition training; custom award design; presentation tools; and recognition assessments and surveys.

Most important metrics: Improved retention; employee engagement; sales increases; safety improvement; improved customer impression; productivity improvement; program administration workflow improvement; and successful on-boarding.



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