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Case Study: A Healthy Recgnition Program

How one company found success with IncentOne.

by HROT Staff

A major national managed healthcare service provider was in need of aprogram to recognize employees who were located in various locationsthroughout the United States. The rewards  program was for jobperformance achievements and employee length of service. The Fortune200 company required an easy to administer, Web-based program thatwould enable all participating supervisors to instantly deliver awardsand acknowledgements from their desktops to mailboxes with minimumcomplexity and overhead.  

The company needed someone to design and implement an integrated awardsprogram that not only appealed to an extremely diverse demographic, butalso required limited supervision and provided all company supervisorsthe ability to reward their employees instantly. The new program alsohad to employ a customized Web-based platform and interactivecommunications, and allow both supervisors and program administratorsto track reward purchases in real-time, via the Internet.

IncentOnes Internet Award Center was the solution the company waslooking for. Supervisors were provided with the ability to use simpleWeb-based forms that enabled them
to select the recipient and award amount, along with a personalizedmessage, which was instantly e-mailed to the employee. Companysupervisors are also able to issue Employee Achievement rewards andnotifications in less than 30 seconds, and review their award purchasesvia real-time reporting.

With the new program, the company was able to reward their employeeswith an electronic Gift Certificate Award, which allows the recipientsto choose the gift or reward of their choice. This award iscustomizable, available in any denomination, redeemable via phone, fax,Internet, or mail, can accrue to be redeemed for a larger amount, andcan be split between different items. Employees can redeem their GiftCertificate Awards from a comprehensive reward portfolio, whichincludes gift certificates/cards from hundreds of national retailersand merchandise, travel, personal services, food, phone cards, andmore. As a result of the new program, the number of employee awardsissued jumped 361 percent in the first four months of its existece.

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