Webinar: Four Steps to Successful Workforce Decisions

Webinar Date & Time: 10/26/2023 12:00PM EST

“Are we recruiting and retaining the right people?” “Are we efficient?” “Do we really need to add headcount?” Whether you are fielding tough questions like these or justifying a request for funding/resources, data is an effective tool for getting what you want – but only if you use it wisely.

In this session hosted by HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark and Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab, Director of Workforce Transformation at PwC, we’ll share pointers shared by HR leaders on how to effectively guide executive decisions with workforce data through four simple steps:

  1. Calculating Metrics
  2. Comparing to Others
  3. Providing Context
  4. Setting Reasonable Goals.

You’ll learn how to tell a story about your current situation, teach your audience just enough to properly evaluate your data, and set the stage for a reasonable outcome.

Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab leads the PwC Saratoga benchmarking team which provides hundreds of workforce benchmarks in over 20 major industries. In his 30+ years leading initiatives around skills and skill development, Mark has helped launch seven successful startups, led a division of a major non-profit, and created innovative new models for Amazon and PwC. His current focus is making sure everyone has access to the right data to make good decisions about their workforce.

View the full video webinar above, and find the presentation slides here.

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