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‘Quality, Price, Speed’: Now You Can Have Them All

Geometric Results, Inc.’s (GRI) Talent Cloud Solution takes guesswork out of timing contingent labor need, boosting performance across the board, says Brandy Cline, client services executive at GRI

There’s a broadly applicable rule of thumb in business: “It can be good. It can be cheap. It can be quick. Pick any two.” That was true for contingent labor until the talent cloud came along. Talent clouds allow companies to create cloud-based virtual benches so there are qualified candidates ready when a contingent labor need arises.

Because the talent cloud relies on automation, it cuts out some manual recruiting effort, which reduces price. Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI), an MSP partnering with talent cloud technology provider Genesys, is able to offer their clients a reduction in the usual markup for contingent labor to levels below the typical 40%. And it works – in its first few months, the GRI/Genesys partnership has delivered these results to their joint clients:

• A technology company placed 30 candidates via the talent cloud in the first 30 days, which resulted in over $370,000 in annualized cost savings.

• A call center historically selected three traditional staffing suppliers who “step all over each other” to place 150-200 employees during the first two months of every year. After engaging GRI and Genesys to build a customized talent cloud, in three days the client had 40 high-quality candidates that were unique to the candidates submitted by the company’s staffing suppliers.

• A southeastern U.S. company needed 200 people; instead of hiring five recruiters to fill the positions, they invested in a talent cloud. They saved $121,000 in recruiter salaries; after only a few months, the company has its 60th placement.

Perhaps most impressive is that every company using the GRI/Genesys Talent Cloud has asked for a total talent management solution, which will allow them to add permanent staffing via a talent cloud.

Brandy Cline, client services executive at GRI explains how it works. Click here to read the full interview from GRI

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