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Flash Report: HR Practices in Hourly and Salaried Employee Recruiting Vs. New Employee Views

When it comes to your recruitment strategy, one size does not fit all.

Today, recruitment teams must be able to engage all facets of the industry – but what factors must be considered before recruiting hourly versus salaried workers? And how can new employee views affect this?

Join us in examining the differences – and what this could mean for you – in our latest HRO Today Flash Report.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Data behind the intense competition for qualified candidates
  • The opinions recruiters have on the recruitment process with those of recent hires
  • Why recruiters take longer to respond to a candidate’s application for salaried vs. hourly roles
  • The average response time for job offers for salaried vs. hourly workers
  • Recruiter opinions on why salaried employees accept a role

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