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The Inescapable Truths About Talent Acquisition: Invest – It Saves Lives

Under-investment in HR costs lives. It interferes with a healthcare organization’s mission. Actually, it more than interferes -It threatens the mission. It lowers quality of care, damages a healthcare organization’s reputation, makes it more difficult to recruit top-quality talent, and hurts the bottom line.

Strong words. How do we know this is true? We asked HR professionals at leading healthcare organizations. We have heard about their pain. They are struggling to find the high-quality healthcare professionals necessary to keep census up and provide high-quality care, and they need help. They’ve made the business case for doing what is absolutely necessary to get the right people in their organizations.

This white paper shows the business case for investing in healthcare recruiting -why it’s absolutely necessary, what’s really at stake, and how investment in HR recruiting will free up resources in the long term to make real and lasting change.

Click here to download the full white paper.

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