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Flash Report | Employer Priorities When Selecting a Background Check Partner

When building a team, it is just as important to know who you are hiring as it is to have a specific set of skills at your disposal. Background screening is crucial when you have a wide array of applicants to choose from. Senior HR Leaders need background screening partners that can meet their needs and work together.

While many screening clients are not using their preferred contract length, most (74%) agree that dedicated customer service can be a key component of a contract of any length. The biggest concern about background screening programs is losing candidates because the screening process takes too much time.

This report, sponsored by Global HR Research, examines screening provider contract use and preference, the demands needed to be met for long-term contracts, and identifying the biggest concerns with background screening programs.

How can background screening providers meet the needs of their clients and what are those clients most concerned about when choosing a partner? Read our full report for valuable insights about what screening providers need to know.

Published: June 1, 2023

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