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Flash Report | 2023 CHRO Compensation Report

As the workforce continues to evolve, HR practitioners’ views on the intricacies of their profession change, and with that change in view come new expectations for how they should be compensated. We surveyed 101 executives from the HRO Today network to explore how HR practitioners feel about their organization’s compensation as well as compensation for Human Resources as a profession.

We asked senior HR executives if they felt their CHRO should be compensated on par with other C-level executives within their company. Nine out of ten (90%) respondents agree that compensation among all C-level executives should be comparable, though this is a decrease from both 2022 and 2020. Despite this sentiment, HR practitioners do not feel they receive fair compensation. In 2023, nearly one-in-three (32%) of respondents believe senior HR executives are compensated fairly, while less than one-quarter (22%) agree that HR departments are paid fairly.

How do HR practitioner expectations align with the realities of HR compensation?  And how does racial and gender diversity factor into compensation expectations?

Read our full 2023 CHRO Compensation Report for more insights about the state of HR practitioner compensation.

Published: May 24, 2023

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