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Purpose-Driven L&D

Pontoon Solutions redesigned its training platform to ensure employees could track progress as part of its culture of goal setting and growth.

By Maggie Mancini

While implementing a new digital learning portal and development program, the team at Pontoon Solutions faced some trouble communicating the changes in expectations to employees. Before the change, employees were accountable for completing a specific number of learning hours. In 2023, the challenge was completing the several steps of the process and logging progress in the learning portal.  

The portal began publishing each employee’s learning history in its entirety to the platform, displaying them as part of the annual hourly target. This left room for misinterpretation about those expectations.  

While Pontoon Solutions didn’t want to completely remove the historical data from the portal, the company needed to make changes. The portal was redesigned to reflect employees’ learning hours based on the annual goal, still allowing them to reflect on their overall learning progress.  

To get the portal launched and walk the organization through a major change, Pontoon Solutions utilized a project chartering process to monitor progress. Additionally, the company tracked KPI progress because the learning portal is tied to its annual bonus structure. In all, the company’s launch of the learning portal helped them continue towards their goal of establishing a culture of goal setting and purpose-driven learning.  

Pontoon Solutions won the HRO Today Association’s North America Award for HR Team of the Year, Provider.  

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