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Planning for Tomorrow: A Future of Work Panel Discussion (North America Region)

Panelists: Tammy Browning, President, KellyOCG; Stacey Cadigan, Partner, ISG; Brandon Moreno, President, EverHive; Maureen Tanguay, Global Head of Recruitment Solutions and Operations, GSK

Moderator: Zachary Misko, Global Executive Director Emeritus, HRO Today Association


:00 – Introductory remarks and panelists introductions

2:24 – The projected growth of outsourcing – panelists discuss what they feel will be the biggest changes to outsourcing, touching on how its being sold, delivered and what’s being outsourced.

7:34 – The evolution of Reskilling and Upskilling – panelists give their opinions on the current state and importance of reskilling and upskilling and where they see it going in the next five years.

10:03 – HR departments and innovation – the panelists provide their predictions on what innovations might lie ahead in HR, technology-based and beyond.

17:10 – One final prediction – panelists give their predictions of what HR leaders should be thinking about as they plan and prepare for the future workforce and role of HR.

21:49 – Final remarks

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