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Planning for Tomorrow: A Future of Work Panel Discussion (EMEA Region)

Panelists: Stephan Paolini, Global Practice Leader, Capgemini; Guillaume Pican, Executive Director, Page Outsourcing; Predrag Pivarski, Head of Talent Acquisition, HTEC Group

Moderator: Zachary Misko, Global Executive Director Emeritus, HRO Today Association


:00 – Introductory remarks and panelists introductions

6:30 – HR Impact and the Role of CHRO/HRD – panelists are asked what role they see being a priority for CHROs/HRDs in the future

15:53 – Elevating the top position of Talent Acquisition to a C-suite/HRD level – panelists discuss if they are witnessing any trend towards the top talent acquisition position being separated from CHRO/HRD and placed on an equal level.

21:27 – The present and future of recruiting – panelists discuss the importance of staying true to the core competencies of recruiting and some of the pitfalls that can occur if they are lost sight of in lieu of new tools and technologies.

27:00 – Future of outsourcing – panelists are asked what the biggest changes we’ll see in the outsourcing industry.

36:45 – One final prediction – panelists give their predictions of what HR leaders should be thinking about as they plan and prepare for the future workforce and role of HR.

43:32 – Final remarks

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