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Planning for Tomorrow: A Future of Work Panel Discussion (APAC Region)

Panelists: Mina Cipre, Senior Manager, People Technology, N-able; Kathi May, Director, Marketing & Branding (APAC), Hudson RPO; Wendy Tan, Founding Partner & Principal Consultant, Flame Centre

Moderator: Zachary Misko, Global Executive Director Emeritus, HRO Today Association


:00 – Introductory remarks and panelists introductions

2:00 – The evolution of outsourcing – panelists discuss how they see the HR outsourcing industry changing.

5:55 – Employee engagement and experience – the panel dives into the importance of the people experience despite the impact of technology and the growth of wellness programs.

12:10 – Skilling, upskilling and reskilling – panelists comment on the importance of these concepts to a company’s long term success.

21:05 – Innovation in HR – the panel discusses a variety of innovations they believe will have significant impacts on HR, from AI to globalization and more.

29:50 – One final prediction – panelists give their predictions of what HR leaders should be thinking about as they plan and prepare for the future workforce and role of HR.

36:58 – Final remarks

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