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Sustaining Momentum

By bringing in subjectmatter experts and building out its TA function, Mike Sorensen’s leadership at Nightingale Education Group has resulted in a 21% reduction in turnover.

By Maggie Mancini

Under Mike Sorensen’s leadership, Nightingale Education Group has shifted its HR functions significantly, focusing on cultivating a positive workplace culture. This has required several initiatives, including bringing in subject-matter experts to facilitate difficult discussions between managers and employees; having compensation leaders design a performance review process and incorporate merit-based salary increases; and building out the talent acquisition function.  

Under Sorensen’s leadership, the organization has been able to expand its wellness offerings, encouraging employees to monitor wellness and actively seek out physical, mental, emotional, and financial opportunities in their lives. This includes an in-person fair which allowed employees to access biometric exams, chair massages, visit a therapy dog, and meet with benefits vendors.  

This year, the organization conducted a review of its broker options. During the request for proposal (RFP) process, the company was able to weed out several organizations that would not support Nightingale Education Group’s wellness initiatives. One of the things the team observed during the reference interviews was that most organizations do not have any wellness programs, or if they do, it is primarily administrated by a broker, rather than comprehensively through the company itself.  

These initiatives would not be possible without finding the right people to staff key positions and it’s clearly working: The company saw a 21% reduction in turnover. After that, recognizing gaps and finding appropriate solutions to meet the needs of stakeholders was important in creating a fair environment and sustaining momentum.  

Sorensen was honored with the HRO Today Association’s North America Award for HR Excellence, Higher Education for his work. 

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