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Enhancing Employer Value Proposition

Tracey Jenkins furthered Sodexo Live’s commitment to 40% female leadership representation by 2025 through its EVP implementation.

By Maggie Mancini

Over the past year, Tracey Jenkins, senior vice president of HR at Sodexo Live, has been busy implementing the company’s employer value proposition (EVP), a series of initiatives focused on mental health, career advancement, and boosting diversity throughout the organization. As part of the EVP initiative, Sodexo Live committed to having women represent at least 40% of its global leadership by 2025 and adopted several new programs to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

Jenkins was able to garner support from stakeholders by presenting evidence of its effectiveness and how committing to DEI initiatives can help improve the organization. Some of the other programs Jenkins spearheaded in 2023 include the “Diversity Learning Lab,” a mandatory program for upper-level management; a leadership program designed to improve employee development; a mentorship program to build community between staffers and upper management; and a revamped internship program with more than 50 active students across different disciplines.  

Over the next year, Jenkins plans to sustain the momentum of the EVP through ongoing check-ins and company-wide surveys. Through these, the company can get firsthand feedback from employees and others who are directly making use of these EVP programs. Jenkins and the entire HR team plan to use that feedback to build out the programs even further.  

For these efforts, Jenkins was honored with the HRO Today Association’s North America Award for HR Excellence, Events and Hospitality.  

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