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Improving Recruitment Strategy

Infosys has leveraged its people and processes to help improve its talent acquisition strategy and fill critical roles despite a lack of competitive applications.

By Maggie Mancini

Throughout 2023, Infosys set out to hire top talent, provide the best candidate and hiring manager experience while continuously improving processes, and fix gaps to work more effectively and efficiently. Over the past 12 months, the talent acquisition team has not observed any exits from the company, and former employees have boomeranged back due to company culture and internal policies governing high-demand roles.  

The company says that two critical things—people and process—are at the center of its achievements in talent acquisition and recruiting. And they are seeing great results. Infosys saw a 30% reduction in its use of vendors or agencies, and successfully hired 84% of Visa-independent candidates.   

Despite seeing a lack of competitive applications, candidates with needed skills in the market, and passive candidates flooding the recruitment pool, Infosys has worked to map the job market in each quarter to ensure that the company is bringing in effective job candidates, inviting applications from all over Australia, rather than just its central city locations, and leveraging its recruitment team to reach out to passive candidates and fill critical roles.  

Along with improving its talent acquisition strategy and committing to flexible work for employees, Infosys conducts regular market studies, leverages its ATS system to analyze data from its current pool of candidates, runs learning and development sessions for all employees, and focuses on its DEI initiatives to help improve its recruitment efforts.  

Infosys won the HRO Today Association’s APAC Award for Recruitment Team of the Year.  

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