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Building An Effective EVP

Facing a lack of qualified candidates post-pandemic, Direct Line Group ensured its employee value proposition would help cement it as an inclusive employer.

By Maggie Mancini

When embarking on a period of transformation in mid-2021, the team at Direct Line Group sought to build a creative, aspirational employee value proposition (EVP) to communicate its reputation as an employer of choice. When they began recruiting, though, applications were at an all-time low and the candidates that were applying were not appropriate or adequate for the open roles.  

At the time, the company’s career site was about five years old, its talent acquisition strategy was undirected, and there was no reporting of key metrics to help leaders effectively make business decisions. To solve these challenges, the team needed to get to the heart of the problem itself.  

First, the team looked at pulse and engagement survey data and diversity and inclusion surveys to understand where the company’s priorities should be to enhance its talent acquisition strategy and redesign its EVP. After that process, the team conducted eight interviews with stakeholders, hosted 18 focus groups with members of every facet of the business, executed a competitive analysis, and developed its hypothetical EVP pillars.  

Additional internal focus groups helped validate the pillars and design five unique candidate personas, one for each business unit. As a result, the team settled on branding and dive deeper into its identity as an inclusive employer. After updating its website and visuals, the company saw an increase in social media engagement and a subsequent increase in applications.  

Direct Line Group won the HRO Today Association’s EMEA Award for Best in Class: Candidate Experience.   

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