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Automating Talent Acquisition

TTEC is utilising AI to identify sustainable talent solutions, allowing its workforce to focus less on manual tasks and more on initiatives that are important to the company’s overall goals.

By Maggie Mancini

TTEC leverages an AI-driven approach to find the best-in-class candidates, identifying talent solutions that are sustainable. The company uses a smart selection process that is 70% automated, including a bot named Louie that assists and reminds candidates about their assessments, interviews, and next steps.  

While the company automates its talent acquisition processes to increase efficiency, it also makes time to ensure its recruiters are developing both professionally and personally. Through programs like “Skills Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED),” “Building Blocks,” “Environmental Social and Governance,” and “Impact Sourcing,” TTEC believes in supporting employees at all levels of the organisation and building relationships with the company’s surrounding community, which curbs turnover.  

By taking advantage of this talent acquisition approach, TTEC’s recruiter-to-hire ratio increased by 25-to-1 to 30-to-1 monthly, increased its employee engagement, and saw a 31% increase in net revenue for the APAC region over the last 12 months.  

The company believes that by embracing and harnessing the power of data analytics and market intelligence into its talent acquisition strategies, it has the capacity to provide its stakeholders with robust and data-driven recommendations and solutions. Through this data-driven approach, TTEC empowers its partners to make informed decisions in expanding their workforce and contributes to community development. By removing manual work from its workforce, TTEC has allowed employees to focus on what they really need to do to develop as recruiters, site leads, managers, and senior leaders in the APAC region.  

The company won the HRO Today Association’s APAC Award for Best in Class: Candidate Experience.  

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