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Understanding the Candidate-Driven Market

Marriott Vacations Worldwide has been able to recruit top talent in hospitality by offering competitive wages, providing flexibility, and connecting candidates to the company’s brand.

By Maggie Mancini

Navigating the candidate-driven market hasn’t been an easy task for Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Its HR team has worked to understand the dynamics of what job seekers are looking for in their next role, particularly after the pandemic. In turn, TA leaders communicate the benefits of Marriot Vacations Worldwide as a stable choice for them in the ever-changing hospitality market.  

It also offers competitive wages to attract top talent considering the industry saw as many as six wage adjustments since 2021, including 20% increases over the last two years. In 2023 alone, frontline wages increased approximately 5%. Flexible work is also a benefit that many job seekers are looking for. Remote and hybrid work arrangements are available for some corporate positions, promoting a better more work-life balance.  

The company’s talent acquisition team, made up of employees who are cross-trained in several different HR functions, emphasizes the importance of sourcing to drive quality candidate flow. The team’s strategy is focused on agility and the ability to stay ahead of competitors. For example, the company’s sales and marketing talent acquisition team created a QR code for events to be used for candidates to sign in, taking them to a branded platform to add their contact information for future connections. This process is assessed through data collection and candidate experience surveys.  

Marriott Vacations Worldwide won the HRO Today Association’s North America Award for Recruitment Team of the Year, Hospitality.  

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