Evidence-Based HR

Any World-Class Workforce operates as an integrated part of the business. Globally integrated it operates locally, and is powered by highly skilled HR professionals and business partners. It functions on data using research, analytics and logic to make HR work, and drives managers to make data-driven decisions.

HRO Today will highlight some key pieces of HR research and methodology which will bring scientific, data-driven decision making to line leaders and HR including:

-Research and Analytics
-Tools and Data

Learning from Social Media

2015 iTalent winner Universum’s Iris decodes what content is most important for organizations to engage talent.

By Audrey Roth

“Does social matter?” asked David Brudenell, global
vice president of product and head of digital for the Americas, for the 2015 iTalent competition winner Universum, at the HRO Today Forum in May. With 380 million members on LinkedIn, 1.49 billion active Facebook users spending an average of 20 minutes on the site per day (accounting for nearly 20 percent of all time online), and 500 million tweets being sent per day, it’s hard not to agree with Brudenell’s answer: “Hell yes, it absolutely matters.”

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Socially Unacceptable

Five ways to avoid the potential risk caused by employee misuse of social media.

By Emily Snell

Every employee has done it: a quick post on Facebook during lunch or uploading a snap onto Instagram using the company computer. Yet that keystroke or mouse click is a hacker’s gateway to a treasure trove of personnel files, confidential information, and other sensitive materials.

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India: The World’s HR Capital?

Not yet, but it wants to be—and here’s why they might get there

By Michael Switow

Standing at podiums in front of business audiences throughout the late ‘90s and early 2000s, then CEO and Chairwoman of Ogilvy & Mather Shelly Lazarus used to tell executives about the clearest brief she had ever received from a client, Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. “When people think of India, I want them to think software, not elephants,” Chidambaram told her.

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China Going Strong

Still intense battles for talent

By Michael Switow

The headlines are bearish—‘China’s Stock Market
Bubble Bursts’, ‘Chinese Currency Experiences Biggest Depreciation in Decades’—but human resources professionals and a number of economists are still bullish on the world’s second largest economy.

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Inspiring Winners

Five awarded for excellence in HR services and technology

By The Editors

The HRO Today Services and Technology Association Awards recognized five leaders in human resources at their annual Awards Gala that took place at the 2015 HRO Today Forum APAC at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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Going All In

MGM bets its recognition program on a tech-driven approach—and is winning.

By Debbie Bolla

In the high stakes business of gaming and hospitality, for MGM Resorts International, one gamble that isn’t worth the risk is its workforce. The multi-resort empire understands that in the highly competitive guest services industry, an organization is only as successful as its employees: They are the ones delivering the customer experience. With this knowledge in hand, MGM was implementing recognition initiatives across its multiple properties to honor its employees for exemplary work. But not without its challenges: Each resort had its own budget and approach—some were using employee-of-the-month awards, others delivering on-the-spot rewards. This inconsistency was preventing recognition from making the biggest possible impact on employee engagement, retention, and productivity. It was time for a change.

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Benelux: On the Rise

Traditionally a smaller market, companies are increasingly ‘testing the waters.’

By Audrey Roth

EMEA growth as a whole has increased in recent years, according to the Everest Group Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Annual Report 2014. The EMEA market for RPO services grew from $407 million to $442 million in the past year. The increase in adoption in the Benelux region is contributing to the overall European market’s gradual climb. Organisations are able to see the obvious advantages, and will continue increasing in implementation as more consider the beneficial possibilities.

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All Sides of the Business

Having several roles at the same organization positioned Laurinda Pang for success as CHRO.

By Kim Shanahan

Some people say they do it all—and some people actually do. Laurinda Pang falls into the latter group. As executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Level 3 Communications, she has global responsibility for human resources, corporate strategy, corporate development, corporate communications, investor relations, and corporate social responsibility. She is also executive sponsor of the company’s global diversity and inclusion initiatives. Here she explains her long journey into her role in HR and how her approach is creating an engaged workforce.

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