Evidence-Based HR

Any World-Class Workforce operates as an integrated part of the business. Globally integrated it operates locally, and is powered by highly skilled HR professionals and business partners. It functions on data using research, analytics and logic to make HR work, and drives managers to make data-driven decisions.

HRO Today will highlight some key pieces of HR research and methodology which will bring scientific, data-driven decision making to line leaders and HR including:

-Research and Analytics
-Tools and Data

Editor’s Letter: What’s impacting Global HR?

By Bill Hatton

In this edition, we have a terrific follow-up to last issue’s investigations of HR in China and India. Our APAC correspondent, Michael Switow, delves deeper into India itself and focuses on the issue of attrition—and how that will affect HR and HR outsourcing. That story begins on page 38.

We also have our annual Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). The RPO Baker’s Dozen is our most popular rating. We rate enterprise leaders, healthcare leaders, and emerging leaders. Note: The European ratings will be announced during the 10-12 November HRO Today Forum EU in Amsterdam. The current ratings begin on page 10.

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The Importance of Leadership: The CHRO of the Year Comes to EMEA

CEO’s Letter

By Elliot H. Clark

HR is transforming at an astounding pace. Gone are the days of administration and compliance and the new gestalt is about employee productivity, talent management and contribution to organisational performance. And, oh, keep doing that administration and compliance thing. Whilst some decry the layering up of responsibility on the HR suite, one thing is abundantly clear: The role of HR is growing.

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HRO Today Global 2016 Resource Guide

We know that the readers of HRO Today Global magazine turn to us as the go-to resource in the industry-a resource that delivers trends, insights, and the top resources for all of their human resources operations and service needs. In our 2016 Resource Guide, we showcase providers and product vendors across 14 sectors of HR services.

Here you will find providers of everything from recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to benefits administration to multiprocess HRO, not to mention a treasure trove of HR technology, consulting services, and other ancillary products. We hope that our 2016 Resource Guide will serve you well as a starting point in your search for an appropriate vendor.

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Leadership + Culture = Competitive Advantage

Amsterdam Forum to showcase what it takes to be great at each

By the Editors

HRO Today Global magazine and the HRO Today Services & Technology Association are scheduled to host the annual HRO Today Forum Europe 2015 on 10-12 November in Amsterdam. The forum will present to participants the latest HR technology and analytics, offer an opportunity for networking with the leading minds in HR, and give attendees a chance to discuss their own experiences. The event will be held at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre.

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Editor’s Note: Talented Technology

By Debbie Bolla


September is one of our most popular issues of the year since we release the highly anticipated Baker’s Dozen ranking of the industry’s top recruitment process outsourcing providers. This year’s enterprise, mid-tier, and healthcare leaders are revealed. It also inspires us to gain extra insight from these experts on what is emerging in the talent game. And it’s not surprising that we learned that technology continues to be pivotal in the process.

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The Best Global HR Pros and Best HR Ideas

A quick look inside the HRO Today Forum Europe 2015

By The Editors

Look to network with your peers, hear from industry experts, get the latest on HR technology and analytics, and offer your own take on critical HR issues facing global companies? If so, consider our HRO Today Forum Europe 2015. It’s scheduled for 10-12 November 2015 at Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Learning from Social Media

2015 iTalent winner Universum’s Iris decodes what content is most important for organizations to engage talent.

By Audrey Roth

“Does social matter?” asked David Brudenell, global
vice president of product and head of digital for the Americas, for the 2015 iTalent competition winner Universum, at the HRO Today Forum in May. With 380 million members on LinkedIn, 1.49 billion active Facebook users spending an average of 20 minutes on the site per day (accounting for nearly 20 percent of all time online), and 500 million tweets being sent per day, it’s hard not to agree with Brudenell’s answer: “Hell yes, it absolutely matters.”

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Socially Unacceptable

Five ways to avoid the potential risk caused by employee misuse of social media.

By Emily Snell

Every employee has done it: a quick post on Facebook during lunch or uploading a snap onto Instagram using the company computer. Yet that keystroke or mouse click is a hacker’s gateway to a treasure trove of personnel files, confidential information, and other sensitive materials.

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India: The World’s HR Capital?

Not yet, but it wants to be—and here’s why they might get there

By Michael Switow

Standing at podiums in front of business audiences throughout the late ‘90s and early 2000s, then CEO and Chairwoman of Ogilvy & Mather Shelly Lazarus used to tell executives about the clearest brief she had ever received from a client, Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. “When people think of India, I want them to think software, not elephants,” Chidambaram told her.

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