Evidence-Based HR

Any World-Class Workforce operates as an integrated part of the business. Globally integrated it operates locally, and is powered by highly skilled HR professionals and business partners. It functions on data using research, analytics and logic to make HR work, and drives managers to make data-driven decisions.

HRO Today will highlight some key pieces of HR research and methodology which will bring scientific, data-driven decision making to line leaders and HR including:

-Research and Analytics
-Tools and Data

Thinking Ahead, Getting Ahead

CHRO Joseph Cabral knows his biggest competition is status quo. His solution? Constant change for constant improvement.

By The Editors

It is somewhat surprising that one of the most successful and influential HR leaders came into the industry by what he describes as a fluke. Joseph Cabral calls himself a numbers guy with a varied career, having stints in the U.S Air Force, as an entrepreneur launching a staffing company, and as an adjunct professor at UMASS Boston. But each of these roles has led him to the place where he has spent the last 10 years as senior vice president of HR and chief HR officer: North Shore-LIJ Health System. 

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Hiring for Success: Improving organizational performance through better quality recruitment

HR Outsourcing

Download the Hiring for Success: Improving organizational performance through better quality recruitment benchmarking report

The Hiring for Success report (co-published by Hudson RPO and the HRO Today Institute) defines quality in the workplace; the benefits of measuring quality of hire; the challenges of collecting data; and how to improve hiring processes. It also includes six strategies for improving quality of hire plus a case study demonstrating the commercial value of committing to a quality of hire program. The report findings are based on a survey of nearly 300 HR professionals worldwide.

A snapshot of significant report insights include:

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