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Managing Contingent Labor like a Pro | An HRO Today Podcast

Increasing numbers of organizations are now recognizing that their contingent workforce – and not just their employees – is a critical, strategic part of their total workforce. With that comes a need for new data-driven practices and solutions that not only address cost and risk management, but also enable multichannel sourcing and worker engagement.

For example, organizations need to develop an employer brand and a worker experience that resonates with, attracts and motivates contingent workers. But how do organizations understand what they need to do to engage and get the most out their contingent workforce?

In this podcast, our own Elliot Clark sits down with Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited, to discuss contingent workforce industry trends and changing best practices for attracting, engaging and optimizing the value of contingent workers.

This podcast was sponsored by ProUnlimited:

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