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Competition for STEM Talent Intensifies; STEMconnector Offers Insights for Employers

New report focuses on the STEM workforce and post-COVID challenges.

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — STEMconnector announces the release of the State of STEM – an insightful report that offers new perspectives on the highly competitive global talent market. The research was conducted throughout 2022 through extensive interviews with business, policy, and education leaders. The report focuses on the highly competitive STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – talent fields which continue to be a critical driver of innovation, economic growth, and individual opportunity worldwide. STEMconnector interviewed over 80 leaders from industry including; Abbott, Microsoft, Amgen, Shell, P&G, Google, Battelle, Corteva, Cargill, Micron, Verizon in addition to leading two and four year colleges across the US.

This study revealed insights and recommendations for implementing innovative and resilient initiatives that support a sustainable STEM workforce and inform the development of a conceptual framework (logic model) for measuring their impact. This study also investigated the gaps that need to be addressed to strengthen STEM workforce development.

“Today, the United States leads the world in technological innovation and with its innovative US corporation’s companies are changing the way the world operates and communicates,” said Dr. Jo Webber, FRSC CEO of STEMconnector. “With STEM-related businesses contributing $2.3 trillion in tax revenue every year, it is critical we maintain and grow our ability for continuous innovation.”

According to the Manpower group (2022 research) the US is at the top of a 16 year high in terms of talent shortages and the STEM talent shortage is the most acute. The numbers are staggering. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the US economy alone will see an additional 10.7 million STEM jobs by 2029.

Download the full report:

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