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What Are The Fastest-Growing U.K. Jobs?

LinkedIn ranks sustainability managers, sales developers, underwriting analysts, and chief people officers at the top.

By Maggie Mancini

Skill sets for jobs have changed 25% since 2015 and are projected to shift by 65% before 2030 across the globe, according to LinkedIn data. At the same time, the acceleration of artificial intelligence has created new opportunities for companies and professionals alike. 

With LinkedIn research showing that 75% of U.K. professionals are looking for a new job in 2024, the company’s Jobs on the Rise list examines the 25 fastest-growing jobs over the past five years.  

At the top of the list is sustainability managers, professionals who oversee environmental and sustainability strategies for a company or organisation. These managers are often skilled in carbon footprinting, corporate sustainability, and lifecycle assessment and work in the business consulting, technology, information, or real estate sectors. More than half (60%) of sustainability managers in the U.K. are women, and 55.8% of jobs are hybrid.  

The second fastest-growing position in the U.K. is sales development representative, professionals who focus on finding new business leads through research, prospecting, and outreach and pushing them to their colleagues. These employees are often skilled in lead generation, cold-calling, and software as a service (SaaS), and work in the technology, IT, and consulting sectors. Men make up 69% of hires, and nearly half (47.2%) of jobs are hybrid.  

The third fastest-growing position in the U.K. is underwriting analyst, professionals who evaluate individuals and businesses to determine the risk level they pose to lenders and insurers. They are most commonly skilled in insurance, reinsurance, and working with brokers, and are often in the insurance or real estate sector. Women make up 41% of hires, while men make up 59%. More than three-quarters (77.8%) of jobs are hybrid.  

Other fast-growing positions in the U.K. include chief revenue officer, artificial intelligence engineer, demand generation manager, chief people officer, cybersecurity manager, payroll executive, vice president compliance, and product marketing specialist.  

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