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Transforming Talent Acquisition

Oli Fletcher has shown a willingness to take professional risks in support of Red Sea Global’s mission.

By Maggie Mancini

As talent acquisition and onboarding executive director at Red Sea Global, Oli Fletcher’s approach to TA focuses on transforming the company’s process and securing stakeholder buy-in for numerous initiatives.  

By examining and presenting potential cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer or candidate experience, Fletcher was able to work to address challenges and improve the way of working. Among his key achievements have been creating the talent acquisition team and process, promoting more than 30 employees to the team, delivering 5,200 hires over five years, hiring from 77 countries globally, and hiring more than 250 per month in 2023.  

As part of Red Sea Global’s mission to develop the skills of the young Saudi workforce, the company has worked to enroll Saudi graduates into its “Elite Graduate Programme,” providing them with entry-level jobs that equip them with hands-on experience in targeted career pathways. In addition to supporting the mission, Fletcher has worked to develop a strong employer brand for Red Sea Global, which has led to 82% of employees indicating that they would recommend the company as a great place to work.  

By being willing to take professional risks, including AI implementation and offshore resourcing, Fletcher’s contributions to Red Sea Global have brought a significant return on investment for the company.  

Oli Fletcher was recognised with the HRO Today Association’s EMEA Award for HR Leadership, Hospitality.  

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