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Editor’s Letter: Showing its Strength

September: It’s the most wonderful time of year. Parents rejoice as children go back to school (as the Staples commercial nailed a few years ago). And recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers and the talent community anxiously await the annual RPO Baker’s Dozen announcement. It’s in! Coverage of the coveted rankings begins on page 15. Find out the leading providers of midsize deals, enterprise, and healthcare RPO based on customer satisfaction surveys. Learn about a few changes that were made to the survey based on committee feedback. Additional services and technologies impacting the marketplace were included this year.

Another notable change: Midsize deal leaders are listed first to follow this month’s cover story, Taking the Market by Storm (see page 12). When planning this issue, it was clear to address the momentum surrounding this market segment -deals involving companies with 5,000 employees and deal sizes between 500 and 1,000 hires per year. Midsize organizations are experiencing the value that RPO delivers: better hires at the right time for the right price. These factors, as well as improved technology, increased efficiency, better visibility, compliance, and competitive intelligence are driving increased interest and growth. In fact, according to NelsonHall’s 2016 RPO report, this market segment has increased from 39 percent in 2014 to 45 percent in 2015, with a predicted market share of 50 percent by 2020.

Greg Hanno, senior vice president of human resources for firm Summit Truck Group, shares his journey working with RPO provider Novotus (ranked #1 this year). A tenured HR executive who had worked with Novotus before, Hanno knew this was the right path to take for his new organization.

“I wanted to have a fairly quick impact on the organization,” he explains. “It was a much easier business case because through RPO, we will generate revenue pretty quickly.”

Impact is already there: Through the engagement, Summit Truck Group is experiencing cost savings and positions being filled quicker to boot.

This issue also covers other trends in RPO: aligning corporate responsiblity with employer brand (page 46), artifical intelligence’s role in recruiting (page 52), and how hashtags can be talent grabbers (page 57).

Enjoy September -We think it’s one of the most wonderful issues of the year!

Debbie Bolla
Editorial Director

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