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By implementing innovative TA practices, Jaclyn Greenberg helped KenCrest achieve impressive metrics in a challenging market.

By Maggie Mancini

Within her first year at KenCrest, Jaclyn Greenberg’s work as team leader of talent acquisition helped executives recognize the need to completely restructure the company’s TA function and employer branding efforts to improve recruitment. She also helped create and facilitate 90-day onboarding practices, converted a mostly outsourced recruiting function into a reliable internal team, and worked to advocate for awareness and opportunities to improve the employee and candidate experience.  

As the healthcare industry was hit hard by the pandemic, the KenCrest recruitment team worked to strengthen its relationship with the surrounding community under Greenberg’s leadership. In the past 18 months, she has helped develop an improved process and system training to utilize the company’s employee management system for talent management progression. She also oversaw the hiring of more than 20% of KenCrest’s workforce in 2022, with close to 80% by the end of that year.  

Since becoming team leader, Greenberg has reviewed or established service level agreements, including a monthly routine for checking in with key vendor partners and staffing agencies. She has provided development opportunities for her staff, leveraging self-guided tools and facilitating education programs to prepare them for referring, vetting, and selecting talent.  

She recently added Calendly to help support recruiters struggling with manually scheduling interviews with candidates. This led to a reduction in time coordinating availability for screenings and resulted in an 86% success rate in completed initial interviews, an increase from 80% in the previous year.  

Greenberg was recognized with the HRO Today Association’s North America Award for HR Excellence in Healthcare.  

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