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Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Hybrid Workforce

The HRO Today Forum EMEA 2022 in Athens, Greece will be an assembling of the Eastern world’s top HR visionaries. All will come together to share how they’ve been successful in “Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Hybrid Workforce” in an age unlike any other.

High-level attendees who have been in the midst of it all will exchange the thoughtful tactics and best practices that have made a positive mark on their talent acquisition and retention efforts. They’ll dive deeply into the cutting-edge technologies that have assisted with getting quality talent in and keeping them there.

This two-day event will house a roundup of very influential leaders and will be an exclusive meeting of Chief, VP, and director-level HR and TA executives, along with their teams.

Some companies that will be in attendance include 9mobile, Sheffield Hallam University, Cigna, SkyUp, Loreal, PIMCO, Yas Holding, and more. Eager to learn more about driving corporate strategy in the new world of work? Here is a sneak peek at what’s to come.

  • HR Talks: HRDs and TA Leaders and Their Stories. There’s been a spotlight placed on company culture, values, and flexibility, forcing employers to innovate to attract and retain top talent. As remote work becomes more prevalent, new techniques and technologies have been deployed and relied upon by recruiters to find, onboard, and retain the talent their clients need. In this session, several HR and TA experts will explain their greatest successes and challenges in this new landscape.
  • HRO Today HRD of the Year Awards Dinner and Gala: Presented by ActOne. As one of the industry’s most prestigious award ceremonies, the leading innovators and thought leaders will come together to acknowledge and celebrate the HRD of the Year.
  • HRD Interview: Employees as a Basis for Business Resilience. HRO Today EMEA’s own Editorial Director Debbie Bolla sits down with Nataliia Petleva, people and transformation officer of SkyUp, to discuss how the recent global conflict has impacted managing the workforce of this Ukrainian-based organisaiton.
  • Baker’s Dozen Global RPO Announcement. Join this live presentation of the 2022 HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Global RPO, a list comprised of the go-to providers that have been successful in generating meaningful results and setting industry standards.
  • Networking. Throughout the Forum, guests will have a chance to forge new opportunities with like-minded individuals and create lasting connections that will extend far beyond this event. Leaders can talk and relate on many levels by asking and answering the pressing questions that will help move their organisations and careers forward.

The HRO Today Forum EMEA will be full of strategy-driving takeaways to help elevate the world of work. For more information on registration, visit https://www.hrotoday.com/events/hro-today-emea/

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