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LinkedIn: Fewer Job Posts Requiring Degrees

LinkedIn released findings that show a decrease in job postings that have degrees as requirements. The research reveals the top industries where skills-first hiring is growing, and where the hiring landscape has some work to do.

Some of the key findings include the following.

  • Job posts omitting degree requirements are on the rise. Job posts without degree requirements have increased from 21% in 2019 to 29% in 2022
  • The top job roles that don’t list degrees as a requirement, include accounting (+453%), administrative (+92%), and engineering (+68%).
  • The top industries where degree requirements are being dropped include financial services (+354%), accommodation and food services (+282%), and technology, information, and media (+240%).
  • A mismatch remains skill-first job posts versus skill-first hiring. For example, the technology, information, and media industry has only seen skill-based hires grow 3% faster, which is well short of the 240% growth rate in job postings.

Click to here to see more findings from LinkedIn.

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