GR8 People Rebrands as The Everyone Platform™ to Enable Total Talent Acquisition from a Single Solution

PHILADELPHIA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GR8 People, the only talent acquisition platform to source, attract, engage and hire every workforce type in one seamless experience, announced the unveiling of their new brand identity and market positioning.

The rebrand and strategic expansion of GR8 People’s talent platform capabilities are in direct response to the greatest workplace disruption in generations.

Record breaking job openings, candidate expectations, the great resignation and changing ways of work have left organizations with shrinking talent pools, countless unfilled positions, and obsolete legacy software.

Recruiting technologies designed exclusively for either full time talent or non-employee talent are the industry norm resulting in a disjointed and outdated approach to fill today’s talent gaps. To provide true recruiting agility, organizations require a unified hiring experience that moves beyond worker and technology silos for friction-free hiring of the best workforce when they need it.

“GR8 People has never been a company to wait for the future; we understand the market and recognize our customers’ needs along with the mindset of today’s candidates. We build for the future today. And we couldn’t be more excited to share our new brand identity as The Everyone Platform™ with the world,” said Diane Smith CEO of GR8 People, “We firmly believe that a modern recruiting platform should move beyond worker type and disparate technology silos for companies to hire full timers, part timers or any timers when they need it and with unmatched ease.”

The launch of a new website introduces elements of GR8 People’s brand evolution:

Our Logo: As the foremost visual representation of our company, people and brand, our new logo is always shown in black and white signifying our clear and authentic style. Our new logo’s icon is a clever combination of a lower-case ‘g’ and our ‘8′ to embody a timeless quality, just like GR8 People.

Our Brand Colors: Our new colors are vibrant, energized, tech-inspired, and distinctive. We chose shades of blue and citron to represent innovation, optimism, and wisdom. We chose fuchsia because it’s bold and symbolizes growth and partnership -attributes our software and our team are renowned for.

Our imagery: With people at the focus, our photography is natural, upbeat and interjects our company’s personality through relatable wit and charm. A series of original illustrations further brings a contemporary, artistic and human touch to our brand. The artist’s brush marks additionally give the sense of “flow” across every execution.

A short brand film was created to introduce The Everyone Platform™ to forward-thinking hiring organizations. The film communicates how GR8 People eliminates the complexity and challenges associated with recruiting for all workforce types with a solution that is simpler, smoother and faster than any other recruiting technology on the market.

“As the world of work has changed and our agile platform has excelled at responding and continuously evolving, it is the right time to update our brand. We are thrilled that our new brand identity and messaging clearly represent what GR8 People stands for and the value we bring to our customers around the world. The enterprise organizations and global RPOs we partner with have long benefitted from our seamless, boundless and effortless technology to drive their talent acquisition outcomes forward,” said Annette DeHaven, Vice President of Marketing. “It’s wonderful to have a distinctive new brand identity that so accurately reflects our company’s personality and the innovation, partnership and measurable results our customers consistently experience.”

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