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Tektonic Awards

Learn about this year’s most disruptive and innovative technology in the HR space.

By Marta Chmielowicz

We are entering a new period of innovation and disruption in the HR technology and software marketplace. Driven by fundamental changes in how employees want to be managed, HR has to evolve to accommodate these needs. Emerging tools are increasingly data-driven, automated, integrated across functions, and accessible. Although they all serve different functions, they have a common thread -the goal of making life at work better. This year’s TekTonic award winners were announced at the HRO Today Forum in May and are being recognized for their valuable contributions to the areas of workforce management, background screening, talent management, sourcing, relocation, and recognition.

CATEGORY: Workforce Management
SOLUTION: Workforce Ready
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: Kronos Workforce Ready is a unified human capital management (HCM) platform that allows organizations to manage their entire workforce from pre-hire to retirement. This system features one cohesive database for all talent management functions, helping employers integrate HR, payroll, and time and attendance into a single employee record. Real-time updates ensure that current information is accurate, and access to the cloud creates a streamlined experience that eliminates the need to juggle multiple disparate systems. By automating many of the processes involved in talent acquisition, benefits administration, onboarding, and performance management, Workforce Ready allows organizations to focus on strategy rather than paperwork.

CATEGORY: Background Screening
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: GoodHire’s True Me platform is humanizing background checks by giving job seekers the power to review their results. Traditional employee screening methods can easily perpetuate systemic inequalities in hiring, but with the True Me platform, applicants are invited to review their background check for inaccuracies and provide comments to give the findings context. This tool allows applicants to share the circumstances around any offenses, giving organizations a more holistic view of the candidate in question.

By encouraging employers to consider the real people behind criminal records, True Me helps organizations avoid inherent discrimination, adds to the number of qualified candidates in their talent pool, and gives job seekers with criminal records a voice where they would otherwise have none.

CATEGORY: Talent Management
PROVIDER: Phenom People
SOLUTION: TRM Cloud Platform
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: The Phenom TRM Cloud Platform is a comprehensive platform that streamlines the recruitment process for hiring companies through automation and predictive intelligence. As the industry’s first integrated career site, CRM, talent community, and analytics platform, Phenom People’s TRM Platform integrates functions for both applicants and employers to ensure a smooth and efficient talent journey from beginning to end.

By automatically building talent profiles for career-site visitors, the TRM Cloud Platform gives companies access to a larger pool of potential candidates and delivers insights about those candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Its other capabilities allow organizations to build a web presence that funnels down the right types of candidates for each position, helping employers attract the right talent.

CATEGORY: Sourcing
SOLUTION: Crowded Chatbot
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: Crowded Chatbot is an online sourcing and engagement tool that facilitates the recruitment of software developers. By utilizing capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing, Crowded Chatbot is able to engage in a productive and realistic dialogue with potential job applicants in order to answer their questions and guide them through the application process. Rather than forcing applicants to fill out extensive applications, Crowded Chatbot engages in a discussion over text message and completes the candidates’ Crowded profile more organically.

Crowded Chatbot makes the job application process easier and more convenient for job seekers, ensuring that the right applicant will not be turned off by burdensome applications before they even apply. This tool also simplifies the jobs of recruiters, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent answering simple questions for more strategic tasks.

CATEGORY: Relocation
SOLUTION: Talent Mobility Cloud 2.0
THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: MOVE Guides’ Talent Mobility Cloud 2.0 (TMC 2.0) streamlines global mobility processes by centralizing a company’s mobility program on a single platform that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. In addition to making mobility information more accessible, TMC 2.0 provides real-time relocation cost estimates that can be compared to actual tracked costs. By utilizing cloud, integration, and mobile technologies, the platform supports all aspects of a global mobility program and makes every step of the process visible to both employers and employees.

TMC 2.0 embraces a new, intuitive employee experience that reduces cost of relocations while improving transparency. The platform automates global mobility by eliminating errors, reducing employee stress, and simplifying an otherwise extremely complex process.

CATEGORY: Recognition
PROVIDER: Rideau Recognition Solutions
SOLUTION: Vistance THE WHY BEHIND THE WIN: Vistance is the first platform to take a data-based approach to recognition, which utilizes various key performance indicators to determine the effectiveness of a company’s program. By focusing on analytics, Vistance lets organizations to evaluate the impact of recognition on employee performance and delivers actionable insights for improvement. The key to implementing these changes lies in the “Vistance RQ score”: a performance score assigned to all managers that combines the results of an online skills assessment with direct input from company employees. The RQ score allows managers to be ranked across the organization and reveals weaknesses in their managerial skills that can then be improved by one of Vistance’s many educational modules.

Vistance shifts the focus of recognition away from rewards and toward effective leadership. Its focus on analytics quantifies the effects of recognition programs and gives organizations the ability to tailor their programs to fit the needs of employees and the strengths of managers.

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