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An innovative roundup of more than 20 finalists for our annual TekTonic Awards.

By the Editors

Web and mobile technologies have revolutionized almost every sector of business, and HR is no exception. Workforce planning, talent acquisition, onboarding and employee recognition have all received a much-needed makeover, and our 2016 TekTonic Award finalists are leading the way.

The Alme Platform by Next IT

Next IT is the intelligent interface company. We deliver the right outcomes through A.I.-powered solutions for customer engagement and workforce support.

Our customers, including Alaska Airlines, Amtrak, Charter Communications, United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, and the U.S. Army, set the bar for innovation in their markets, and they trust our solutions to resolve the most challenging barriers to exceptional customer and workforce support.

Next IT is headquartered in Spokane Valley, Washington.


Avantas automates and streamlines healthcare labor management strategy with 120-day forecasts of patient volume and shifts, as well as delivers healthcare scheduling software.

Buzzer Neeyamo

Globalization is the new norm. Technological advances, geo-political developments and evolving economic ecosystems are breaking down barriers enabling more organizations to go global. Neeyamo specializes in providing Global HR Solutions for a more connected world! Innovation drives Neeyamo putting it on a path-breaking mission to provide disruptive HR solutions. Neeyamo has developed a portfolio of Discrete HR Apps. Buzzer, an Enterprise Performance/ Collaboration tool is one such tool aimed at making not only the employees but the enterprise itself more productive and efficient.

Caliper Analytics

Caliper Analytics is a predictive data-driven talent management solution that provides online tools for accessing, interpreting, and leveraging your Caliper assessment data.



CoPilot™ is disrupting the status-quo in relocation! CoPilot, a new software and services platform, gives your employees access to cloud-based technology to move through the relocation process the way they want to – on their own schedule, on any mobile device, and with direct access to vetted suppliers.With CoPilot, you can reduce your relocation costs and improve employee satisfaction – all backed by NuCompass’ 50 years of experience in relocation. Change your view of relocation.

Learn more at www.nucompass.com/copilot

ICIMS Talent Platform

iCIMS Talent Platform enables organizations to leverage mobile, social, and video technologies to manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle within a single cloud-based application.


JobDiva is a global, cloud-based applicant tracking system and front-to-back talent management solution that uses custom tools to deliver staffing solutions.

Kronos Workforce Central 8

Using the Kronos Workforce Central 8 suite, managers can track work status, costs, time, attendance, and other employee-related information.


LifeGuides’s technology platform enables employers to capture key information about their company before and during the recruitment process via text and video and then automatically distribute content through social media and career pages.

Montage’s Live Voice Interviewing & SMS Text Messaging

Montage offers the most mature video and voice interviewing solution, purpose-built to transform the hiring experience. We are forever innovating the Montage platform to address modern talent acquisition and the expectations of today’s candidates. Montage live voice interviewing technology streamlines a traditionally inefficient process, by allowing recruiters to easily schedule, record, rate and share phone interviews. Montage SMS text messaging puts power into the candidate’s hands by letting them self-start the hiring process directly from their mobile phone.


OrangeHRM allows clients to pick and choose from a number of HR features on one platform for improved cost savings.

Paychex Flex

The Paychex Flex mobile and cloud-based technology suite uses real-time employee data to allow customers to streamline the hiring and onboarding process and track key HR information.

Recruitics Analytics

Recruitics Analytics is the proprietary analytics platform of Recruitics and tracks online recruitment advertising strategies.

SilkRoad HRMS

SilkRoad HRMS allows employers to and quickly update, manage, and report on their workforce data from a single, secure database.


SoapBox is an idea software for enterprise that lets companies collect, manage, and act on employee ideas that solve big challenges faster.


Sparc allows employers to engage passive candidates by adding non-text elements such as short videos and a mobile-friendly format to traditional job postings.


Tasytt is an automated onboarding platform that offers orientation analytics, gamified employee rewards, paperless forms and easy integration with existing software.

Dayforce TeamRelate by Ceridian

Dayforce TeamRelate provides valuable assessment information and immediate practical coaching to help organizations build effective communication and collaboration among colleagues. By assessing for communication styles, it enables companies to improve communication and collaboration among teams and between manager and employee. As part of Ceridian’s best in class human resources management application, Dayforce HCM, TeamRelate provides real-time tips on how to minimize conflict and maximize effective communication. TeamRelate brings new insight and purpose to helping people engage with each other in the most meaningful way. For more information, visit www.ceridian.com.

Workday HCM

Workday Human Capital Management is an organizational management, compensation management and absence management solution.

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