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2016 TekTonic Award Winners

Get additional insight into this year’s honorees and their contributions to the HR field.

Marta Chmielowicz

There is no question that technology has significantly changed the way that businesses are run. HR tech companies continue to challenge the status quo by developing and enhancing products that approach HR platforms and processes from a consumer perspective. We’ve recognized these types of organizations for the last seven years with our annual TekTonic awards, which were presented at the HRO Today Forum in Chicago. This year’s winners are honored for their valuable and innovative contributions to the areas of HRMS, talent management, mobile capability, performance management, compensation, and relocation.

Category: HRMS Suites

Provider: SilkRoad

The Why Behind The Win: SilkRoad HRMS provides a single integrated platform within the SilkRoad Life Suite to manage employee, job, and organizational data. This system features a cohesive, unified database for all talent management functions, allowing HR records to be entered, maintained, and analyzed in a single location. It uses a unique and innovative employee and manager self-service system, whereby employees can easily access key documents, edit their information, and connect with other team members. This allows each employee to take an active role in assuring the accuracy of critical employee data, eliminating mistakes, and automating tedious processes.

Since data is synchronized across all SilkRoad Life Suite modules, the SilkRoad HRMS eliminates the challenge of connecting information across disparate systems, thereby reducing error, saving time, and allowing for easier and more accurate analysis and reporting. Its utilization of apps that serve core HR talent management functions on a single platform highlights a new approach to HR administration that emphasizes ease of access and enhanced accuracy. In this way,

Category: Talent Management

Provider: Sparc

The Why Behind The Win: Sparc is revolutionizing the recruiting landscape with its emphasis on engaging, accessible, and social share-enabled job content. Unlike traditional job boards, Sparc utilizes videos that work seamlessly among mobile devices. Each Sparc job profile features videos of the people that candidates are most interested in hearing from: the hiring manager and potential co-workers. These short videos capture candidates’ attention by allowing recruiters to share key features about the position and company. This gives job seekers intimate glimpses of the culture and atmosphere of their potential workplace.

Sparc’s use of videos in lieu of traditional text-only job descriptions aims to make the recruiting process more personal, and interactive, making it easier to catch the attention of elusive, high-quality passive candidates. The focus on mobile-enabled content makes these resources easy to access and share, and gain visibility, and allows job and company information to circulate on social media, increasing the chances of finding a good fit.

Category: Mobile

Provider: Montage

The Why Behind The Win: Montage’s SMS Text Messaging is a new and innovative twist on traditional hiring practices that allows candidates to apply for positions and interview using their phones. This new method of recruitment eliminates the need for extensive online applications and inconvenient interviews by encouraging interested applicants to open a dialogue and self-start the job application process through text messaging. To learn more about an opening, candidates are given a number to contact via text message that guides them to complete a phone interview at their convenience. Interview questions are recorded by recruiters, and candidate responses are recorded for later evaluation.

This new method of recruitment is convenient and beneficial to both candidates and recruiters. Montage SMS text messaging allows candidates to start the hiring process at their convenience in mere minutes, significantly improving the ease of application and overall candidate experience. This approach is also efficient for recruiters, who immediately get a sense of a candidate’s skills and can quickly and easily screen individuals. The use of phones as a recruitment tool allows recruiters to reach out to a huge range of candidates while simultaneously relieving applicants of the pressure of extensive hiring processes, making the job search easier, quicker, and less stressful for all parties.

Category: Performance Management

Provider: Ceridian

The Why Behind The Win: TeamRelate is an application developed to help organizations foster effective and purposeful communication among their team members. The program allows individuals to identify their communication style, core values, and engagement levels, and compare it directly to that of their colleagues. Measuring the relatability between team members encourages individuals to avoid conflict through a mutual understanding of each person’s strengths and motivations. Through the application, colleagues are able to gain valuable insight into the work and communication styles of their coworkers and therefore able to adjust their own style to avoid conflict and collaborate more effectively.

TeamRelate is also a practical coaching tool for managers looking to motivate and maintain compatibility within their teams. The app provides immediate information that guides managers to encourage more productive conversations and problem solving among team members, ultimately creating a conflict-free workplace that yields greater results.

Category: Compensation

Provider: Paychex

The Why Behind The Win: Paychex Flex is a comprehensive cloud-based technology suite for the management of all human capital processes. Rather than integrating information from multiple platforms, Paychex Flex simplifies administrative tasks through its use of a single, mobile-enabled database of real-time employee data. Its capabilities span across all HR functions from recruitment and hiring to benefit management and payroll while synchronizing employee data across all modules. This seamless integration saves time, reduces errors and duplication, and increases accuracy through the automation of tedious manual work.

Mobile and desktop employee access allows team members to review key documents, request time off, and manage benefits and retirement contributions in one convenient location. The program also simplifies analytics and reporting, as all key employee data resides in a single database that can be easily manipulated. Paychex Flex effectively allows businesses to streamline their HR processes and is a modern and effective solution that simplifies otherwise complicated tasks.

Category: Relocation

Provider: NuCompass

The Why Behind The Win: CoPilot is the first cloud-based platform for managing relocations, giving employees the freedom to self-manage their own move while allowing the HR team to retain budget control and monitor the process. The platform features the creation of specific relocation budget plans for each relocating employee; an employee intake process that helps employers decide what services to offer each team member, and a built-in online cost estimator to achieve internal approvals early and create accurate budgets that reflect real costs.

CoPilot is truly innovative because it gives employees the freedom of managing their own move with access to online resources and the ability to track their program costs, reflecting a fundamental shift in thinking about relocation. This shift to new relocation technology can benefit companies of any size with any number of relocations, as it encourages businesses to customize relocation plans that meet the needs of the business and improve the employee relocation experience.

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