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2015 TekTonic Winners

This year’s honorees were recognized at the HRO Today Forum in Philadelphia. More on each innovative platform here.

By Debbie Bolla

hurstCompensation Solution Winner: Dayforce ConnectedPay

Provider: Ceridian

The Why Behind The Win: Dayforce ConnectedPay is a global payroll solution comprised of Ceridian’s in- country payroll services connected to its Dayforce human capital management platform. This allows for a single global payroll data repository, reporting engine, and workflow system. In one system, organizations have complete control of all employee data including HR, time, and pay.

The solution allows organizations to apply best practices for in-country pay and employment laws, delivering more accurate, timely execution of payroll across the globe in 15 languages.

Access to Dayforce offers analytics, workflows, self- service, mobile, and document management. Global reporting capabilities are configurable and feature drill-down management dashboards.

With Dayforce Connected Pay, multinational organizations can successfully navigate international differences and effectively manage, view, and analyze payroll data across all employees globally. By improving a firm’s compliance, reporting capabilities, and visibility into its workforce, global payroll can become a strategic advantage for any organization.

neeyamoHRMS Solution Winner: Pay’NComp (PnC)

Provider: Neeyamo

The Why Behind The Win: The cloud-based global payroll platform Pay’NComp (PnC) provides multi- country payroll, compliance, and reporting. It incorporates payroll processing capabilities across more than 100 countries. The solution offers a single sign-on for viewing multi-country payroll and also provides extended payroll capabilities including compliance tracking and reporting. These functionalities addresses primary end-user key pain points associated with multi-country payroll. The configurability of the system allows for work- flow management process, a scheduling engine, a simulation engine, and reporting dashboards.

adpBenefits: ADP Health Compliance

Provider: ADP

The Why Behind The Win: ADP Health Compliance is a comprehensive solution designed to help large employers manage the critical business challenges associated with
the ACA. The solution combines a SaaS-based platform with rigorous managed services staffed by ACA experts who can help to enable compliance while managing all
of the complex regulatory requirements. For eligibility,
the platform provides assessments of ACA full-time/part- time status thresholds and whether or not health benefits coverage has been offered to a minimum of 70 percent of the ACA full-time workforce and their dependents in 2015 and 95 percent in subsequent plan years. For affordability, the solution calculates whether health benefits coverage offerings exceed the affordability threshold and allows
the flexibility to select among applicable safe harbor
tests. For regulatory management, ADP’s ACA experts provide notices of coverage, develop annual healthcare reports, manage exchange notices, and reconcile ACA employer penalties. This fully outsourced service reduces administrative burdens for employers by supporting and streamlining all of the labor-intensive interactions between employers, employees, and various government agencies.

guidesparkLearning Solution Winner: GuideSpark

The Why Behind The Win: GuideSpark’s platform transforms how organizations communicate and engage with their employees by creating customized video and mobile experiences designed to educate employees. GuideSpark simplifies important HR topics like benefits, healthcare reform, performance management, and compensation programs, making them accessible anywhere and anytime.

GuideSpark’s full-service SaaS solution includes creation and maintenance of customized, cost-effective, rich content, and makes it possible to measure and deliver detailed analytics across a variety of metrics. GuideSpark’s data-driven approach helps companies leverage analytics to measure employee engagement to help understand which content is most successful, how employees consume the content, and what needs to be changed.

All content is uniquely tailored to each company’s culture and brand to drive a deep connection between the employer and employee. GuideSpark delivers a centralized video library that is accessible through its portal or integrated into a company’s existing systems to ensure a unified communications experience across all platforms.

wespireHR Social Media Solution Winner: WeSpire

The Why Behind The Win: WeSpire is an interactive, cloud-based employee engagement platform that increases employee motivation, collaboration, and communication by distributing suggested actions
to increase efficiency. By design, WeSpire helps employees see the impact their actions have against company goals, which can improve moral and engagement.

As a cloud-based customizable platform, employees can access it from anywhere.

WeSpire’s reporting provides data on all top metrics, enabling company leadership to understand the level of business-unit participation as well as how they
are collectively measuring up against their goals. These reports help companies further customize and recalibrate their approaches to employee engagement, resulting in higher ROI.

loopTalent Management/Recruiting Solution Winner: Loop

The Why Behind The Win: Loop is a mobile-first
talent acquisition and engagement platform that
is designed to move all employment marketing and employee communications to mobile. The solution leverages mobile innovations in SMS and mobile web communication to solve customer, employee, and candidate requirements.

The platform has been leveraged to replace various business processes, including candidate registration, text job alerts, text interview tools, sourcing text campaigns, candidate availability updates, absentee management, mobile careers site, dynamic job search, pre-screening, mobile apply, surveys and feedback, employee referral programs, gamification of engagement, content delivery, audio and video interviewing, and event management.

Loop is live in more than 180 countries and the platform is currently integrated with 900 mobile carriers allowing for intuitive two-way SMS communication to any mobile device globally.

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