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HR Tech Combats Quiet Quitting

Today’s platforms provide the insight necessary to drive a competitive company culture.  

By Debbie Bolla 

One key way to combat today’s trend of quiet quitting is by leveraging a people-first culture supported by flexible, modern HR technology. Having a positive culture is strongly linked to employee engagement and retention, which is even more critical in today’s world of hybrid work. In addition to handling HR administrative tasks, the right tech platform can analyze employee motivation and engagement levels, and make sure company culture aligns to those needs. 

“HR tech provides a framework for employees to maintain a sense of community and enables managers to direct onsite and remote teams,” saysRonni Zehavi, CEO and co-founder of HiBob. “It has also removed the administrative burden from HR leaders, so they can direct their attention towards improving the employee experience, increasing engagement, and nurturing healthy company culture.” 

Communication is a main ingredient to a healthy culture and business strategy, especially with globally dispersed teams. Frequent, honest, and transparent conversations between managers and their employees will nurture strong relationships built on trust and provide critical feedback that organizations need to drive change. Technology can empower these conversations and then share insight and recognition from the meetings whether there are in-person or virtual. 

Another popular option to encourage feedback and a communicative work environment is to allow employees to voice their opinions through customized pulse surveys and an anonymous reporting tool. “If you don’t know what or if something is wrong, you can’t fix it,” says Zehavi. 

Organizations can gain critical information around compensation, performance, and performance mapping by gathering data and asking questions like: 

  • Who’s meeting their goals and do the goals align with market and company benchmarks? 
  • Are your people being compensated fairly, and where can you improve to boost employee retention and satisfaction? 
  • Does compensation fairly match employee performance?  
  • If your company has initiated a hiring freeze, leaving critical positions empty, how can you leverage internal mobility to your advantage? 

Armed with this insight, HR tech platforms can harness the data and analyze the details around people, their goals, compensation, and more. “Automated workflows, task lists, progress tracking, and other people data essentials also help time-to-value for HR professionals. Best of all, they help companies make data-based decisions so they can invest more time in strategy, building programs, and policies that drive retention and workforce development,” says Zehavi. And with that, organizations can help prevent quiet quitting. 


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