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Baker’s Dozen: Relocation

 Our annual ranking of the top relocation providers.
It’s been a tough year for the relocation business since we last published this feature. Move volumes are down, home sales continue to languish, and everyone is on pins and needles about the economy. Still, the sector pushes forward, offering clients a lot of consulting services on ways to reduce costs.
Ranking the providers is never an easy process, and this year we contacted more than 70 vendors to participate in the selection process. Through our methodical process, we were able to collect enough customer feedback for 11 top-tier vendors (not enough statistically valid data was available for two others listed here—Brookfield and Crown Relocations—but existing market information indicates that they are among the most significant providers in this specialty).
Of course there will be disagreement in the vendor community over how we conduct the rankings. However, customer feedback seems the least arbitrary method and the best indicator of whether the companies listed here would be a good outsourced partner. As always, we welcome your input on our methodology and are open to making the Baker’s Dozen even more useful to our readers.
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Ranking Methodology: Buyers were asked to participate in an online, anonymous survey regarding their experience with their current service provider. The survey instrument measured user satisfaction along with breadth and quality of service and deal size, as well as other issues. HRO Today ranked only providers for which we were able to compile enough statistically valid customer data. Although we could not obtain statistically sufficient data for two providers—Brookfield and Crown Relocations—existing market data indicate that both are among the top providers of relocation services and should be included in this listing; however, they were not ranked as a result. *Number of employees transferred provided by the provider.

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