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You Are What They Think: How APAC-Based Companies Invest and Measure the Impact of Employer Branding

Employer branding plays a major role in the work of HR departments today, and is viewed differently around the world. The role of the employer brand, in APAC specifically, is one focused on attraction, though it’s still largely viewed as more of a wider employee engagement initiative than attraction only.

But with this in mind, are APAC companies making their employer brand a priority in order to stand out amongst competitors in the search for talent?

This HRO Today Flash Report compiles a general consensus from professionals in the region.

Download the report below and learn:

  • How companies in APAC have invested in EVP or employer brand
  • The extent of priority APAC companies have taken to invest in employer branding practices
  • How HR in APAC views the importance of employer brand in their TA strategies

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