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3 Trends to Watch

Embracing the latest in learning and development is crucial to attracting and retaining today’s talent.

By Allyson Roote

Learning and development (L&D) programs are an effective way to enhance employees’ work performance and improve company culture. In order to provide the most valuable L&D opportunities, it is important for organizations to listen to employee feedback and consistently engage with leadership. So what are the top L&D trends for 2024?

1. Social learning. While formal training programs are sometimes necessary, they are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to learning. Instead, social learning experiences are an effective and increasingly popular alternative.

Social learning is a behavioral theory that states new behaviors and skills can be learned by observing and imitating others. In other words, social learning programs focus more on collaborative and observational experiences instead of traditional classroom-based learning sessions.

To incorporate social learning into L&D programs, consider building interactive elements and group discussions where peers work together to share knowledge, problem-solve, and build collective understanding into training. This not only enhances engagement, but also improves knowledge retention. Mentorship programs, where employees can observe and shadow others, are another great example of social learning. These types of activities can provide a richer and more value-add learning experience, benefiting both the organization and the learner in the long run.

Social learning programs focus more on collaborative and observational experiences instead of traditional classroom-based learning sessions.

2. Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in popularity and presents seemingly unlimited opportunities within all areas of an organization. This includes L&D, with AI transforming the way individuals build knowledge and acquire new skills.

One way that organizations can implement AI within their L&D programs is to use AI to assist in the design of learning experiences and materials, freeing up L&D leaders to focus on more high-value, strategic work. This may include using AI to design pre- and post-session quizzes, case studies, simulations, and other content that enhances the learning experience. In the future, AI may be used to track regulatory changes within industries that may require additional employee training. Going forward, AI may also be used to inform targeted learning initiatives, address specific skill gaps, and suggest more personalized performance improvement opportunities.

AI can enhance the L&D experience by designing the pre- and post-session quizzes, case studies, simulations, and other content. 

3. Remote and hybrid learning. As the workforce becomes increasingly decentralized, the demand for virtual learning experiences continues to grow. In addition, advances in technology now allow for a more flexible remote and hybrid learning environments with AI playing a critical role in enhancing the experience through more immersive learning content.

However, organizations should keep in mind that striking a balance between collaborative in-person and virtual learning is key. Additionally, instead of extensive virtual courses, organizations may experience a larger return on investment with just-in-time training and micro or nano-learning sessions where brief and targeted learning modules are delivered to address specific skills.

In a world that thrives on constant innovation, embracing the latest learning and development trends is crucial to continually evolving programs and enhancing an organization’s ongoing learning journey. Providing social learning experiences, remote/hybrid learning programs, and using AI to enhance employees’ learning experiences are among the top L&D trends for 2024. By leveraging these trends, organizations can help provide their employees with the training, resources, and skills they need to excel.

Allyson Roote is vice president of learning and development of The Bonadio Group.

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