Diversity & Inclusion

Singapore Wants More

Singapore-based workers don’t feel that their companies are doing enough to ensure equity. 

By Zee Johnson 

ADP’s 2023 People at Work Survey found that Singaporeans don’t think their workplaces are doing a good job of implementing DEI initiatives and other equitable practices. 

When asked if they believed their company’s DEI initiatives had improved from three years prior, just 35% of respondents said yes, the lowest in the APAC region, compared to 59% in India, the highest. And another 43% said their organisation’s DEI efforts remain the same compared to three years ago, whilst 21% said their organisation doesn’t participate in DEI initiatives at all. 

For organisations looking to improve in these areas and don’t know where to start, respondents whose companies actively participated in DEI initiatives cited these as the most common practices.  

  • Staff training (50%) 
  • Targeted recruiting (36%) 
  • Awareness events (37%) 
  • Reviewing company demographics to see what more could be done to boost DEI (31%) 

When asked how they felt about the statement, “I feel I am able to have open conversations about my mental health at work,” 52% agreed, lower than any other APAC country. But surprisingly, when posed with the statement, “I feel my work is suffering due to poor mental health,” just 37% of Singaporeans and Australians agreed, while China came in higher with 54%. 

And when it comes to career advancement, the sentiment remains the same. About three-quarters of Indian (77%) and Chinese workers (73%) feel their employer invests in the skills they need to advance their career, whereas only 56% in Singapore could say the same. 

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