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The Importance of Leadership: The CHRO of the Year Comes to EMEA

CEO’s Letter

By Elliot H. Clark

HR is transforming at an astounding pace. Gone are the days of administration and compliance and the new gestalt is about employee productivity, talent management and contribution to organisational performance. And, oh, keep doing that administration and compliance thing. Whilst some decry the layering up of responsibility on the HR suite, one thing is abundantly clear: The role of HR is growing.

What is next? I’m not exactly sure. I know what is necessary to meet the current need. Every CHRO we talk to tells us the same thing: The time is upon them to have the most talented workforce available within the company’s budgetary parameters -and to have accessible and highly comprehensive data reporting, plus the ability to analyse trends and predict future needs.

In an era when things are changing and innovation is the watch word of the day, it is important to recognise the leaders in the HR profession who are pushing the boundaries and redefining the role of HR through innovation. This why we started the HRO Today CHRO of the Year Awards programme, which has been successful at recognising such leadership in North America.

This year we bring the successful model for CHRO of the Year Awards to our EMEA conference (10-12 November in Amsterdam). You can find the nominees on page 6 and at www.hrotodayforum.com/eu. Each global market has distinctions and unique challenges. Initially, we sought local experts to assist our editorial team with the first year of awards. In the next and subsequent years, prior year’s winners become the judging panel. Each year we gain additional insights into the issues that affect the top of the HR suite.

Leadership is about taking chances and being exposed for both success and failure. Success at a great many companies has led HR to being an increasingly potent force in the boardroom, as employers learn how important and how impactful the difference is between the performance of an engaged workforce versus an unengaged one.

At no point in history has technology played a bigger role in the success of HR. From suite-based solutions like Workday, SAP Employee Central, or Oracle Fusion, we have seen a continuing transformation to cloud-based platforms. In addition, talent management software, workforce planning, and vendor management software have all become important parts of the HR software landscape. Picking the best combination can be a maddening trip to the virtual HR technology shopping mall. Yet the best companies do this well. How HR is using software to engage the workforce is changing.

Just as important, the way employees are using technology to engage with the employer is changing almost more rapidly. And, as Millennials populate a greater percentage of the workforce, their use of technology and the type of work engagement term they seek may permanently change the employer/employee relationship.

To see who is out in front shaping the next phase of HR in Europe, come join us in Amsterdam and find out who are the winners amongst our esteemed nominees.

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