The HRO Today Association is the community to keep you informed about the most critical topics in HR. Members learn together, strengthen their networks, and share best and next practices.

Why HRO Today Association membership?

  • Convenient. Corporate options mean no need to track multiple individual renewal dates: one membership covers everybody on your team globally.
  • Customized. Individual team members can easily engage in benefits that interest and support them.
  • Current. Livestreams, HR Table Talks and the opportunity to connect virtually with other members and thought leaders, in addition to curated content and original research, keep everyone on top of trends, metrics, and regulations.
  • Connected. Being part of the largest online global HR community exposes members to the widest range of best practices and lessons learned.

Which membership is right for you?

Corporate Practitioner Membership – We need one global membership that covers everybody – HR and TA professionals and those who deal with HR issues. Note: Companies that provide HR services and technology should see Corporate Provider Membership.

Individual Practitioner Membership – I’m an HR professional who needs an affordable option just for me.

HR Service Provider Membership – My company provides HR services and technology. We want a membership that covers everybody in our region.