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Leveraging Candidate Experience | An HRO Today Podcast with Page Outsourcing

Finding quality people is hard. Gone are the days of hiring managers asking, “Why should I hire you?” Candidates are now in the driver’s seat – and they want to know why they should work for you.

A positive candidate experience can have a real impact on an organization’s hiring efforts. Today’s savvy job seekers are interested in things like company culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and learning and development programs. But only 30% of respondents report having a “great” candidate experience according to this year’s North American Candidate Experience Research Report. Clearly, there is work to be done.

In this podcast, Chad Creamer, executive director, North America, of Page Outsourcing sits down with our very own Debbie Bolla to discuss how employer branding impacts hiring efforts and the approaches organizations can take to appeal to today’s top talent.

This podcast was sponsored by Page Outsourcing.

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