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The Premier Association Event is Right Around the Corner (December 1st)

Don’t have FOMO. Join the already over 170 registrants for the upcoming virtual HRO Today Association Conference and Awards Program on December 1 (11 AM – 1:30 PM ET via Zoom). The event features dynamic sessions that explore innovative HR strategies and tackle industry challenges alongside leaders and experts, all surrounding the theme “Planning for Tomorrow: The Future of Work”.

Attendees will also be the first to know the winners of the 2023 HRO Today Association Awards as the North America and EMEA winners will be announced throughout the event.

The Conference and Awards Programs is generously supported by our event sponsors: EverHive, Madison Recognition, Page Outsourcing, and Sevenstep. Our sponsors are also looking into their proverbial crystal ball and we encourage you to view their prediction videos, now posted on the Conference site.

Act fast! Click here to learn more and register; and secure your place at the forefront of HR trends.

Finalist Companies Announced for the HRO Today Association Awards

The 2023 HRO Today Association Awards received a record number of nominations in 2023, resulting in 100 companies being represented as Awards finalists. Accepting submissions from both members and non-members, the program recognizes HR excellence across multiple categories in APAC, EMEA, and North America regions.

These finalists exemplify the pivotal role HR plays in organizations, benefiting both customers and employees, showcasing the leading-edge influence of HR in propelling the profession forward. Explore the complete list of finalist companies and individuals, showcasing the industry’s best practices and successes by clicking here.

Winners will be announced for the North America and EMEA regions at the virtual Association Conference and Awards Program on December 1st. APAC winners will be announced during the Q4 APAC Board of Advisors Meeting and Awards Program on December 13 at 8 PM ET.

C-TEN Europe Launches at HRO Today Forum EMEA

The CHRO Today Executive Network (C-TEN) is already recognized as the premier professional society of North America-based CHROs/HRDs. Building on this success, HRO Today has now launched a unique C-TEN group in Europe, which held its first meeting on November 8 at the HRO Today Forum EMEA.

The meeting featured attendance from many HRDs who participated in moderated discussions on Politics in the Workplace (facilitated by North America C-TEN member Steve Antonoff) and Coming Ais Trends Impact on the Workplace (facilitated by EMEA Board of Advisors member Antoine Starek).

Designed around busy schedules, C-TEN Europe will meet for 1-hour every other month, alternating between content sessions with industry experts and shared problem-solving discussions, where members work through challenges together. Click here to learn more.

Association Launches Podcast Series – Learning Agility Pod Now Available

As part of the organization’s effort to further boost its on-demand program offerings, the Association is launching a podcast series. Members now have exclusive access to the first installment of the Association’s series – Learning Agility, Skilling and Employee Development in the Gen AI Era.

Member Wendy Tan, PhD., Managing Partner of the Flame Centre in Singapore, talks with HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark about what companies need to do to grow and develop their employees, from embracing learning agility and skilling while accounting for the impact of AI. Wendy shares her recent doctorate work and research for her latest book “Learning Agility: Relearn, Reskill and Reinvent” (now available for pre-order) in this wide-ranging discussion.

Click here to access.

Upcoming Events

[Knowledge Center] Talent Acquisition/Management Q4 Roundtable

Wednesday, December 6 | 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET

Presenters (L to R): Ciara Boeltz, Program Manager, Talent Acquisition, GNC (TA/TM Knowledge Center Co-Chair) and Cherice Schmidt, Executive Vice President, Client Services, Cielo (TA/TM Knowledge Center Co-Chair)

The upcoming quarterly meeting will feature mini-presentations on Building an Early Career Talent Pool & Internship Program and One Size EVP Does Not Fit All. These 15-minute topics will also provide attendees an opportunity for a robust discussion.

Click here to learn more and register for this FREE Members-only event!

[Knowledge Center] Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Q4 Roundtable

Tuesday, December 12 | 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET

Presenters (L to R): Jo Anne Hill, Vice President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Piedmont Healthcare (DEI Knowledge Center Co-Chair) and Rachel Ward, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Orion Talent (DEI Knowledge Center Co-Chair)

The upcoming quarterly meeting will feature mini-presentations surrounding Religion in the Workplace and its intersection with DEI initiatives. These 15-minute presentations will also provide attendees an opportunity for a robust discussion.

Click here to learn more and register for this FREE Members-only event!

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