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Thank you to the attendees, presenters and sponsors of the 2023 Association Conference and Awards Program. We are appreciate the overwhelming support of the 200 HR Professionals from North America and EMEA that were in attendance!

**Attention HRO Today Association Members** Recordings of three (3) conference sessions are now exclusively available to members in the On-Demand Livestream Library, including: Forging the Way Ahead: Conversations with CHRO Visionaries; Anticipating HR Operations in the (Near) Future Through the Lens of AI; and Crafting Practical Strategies for Future Readiness

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Planning for Tomorrow: The Future of Work

Past Indicators | Future Predictions | Actionable Insights

As many HR professionals and corporate leaders can attest, contemplating the future of work is not new. What is different today is the speed and urgency that change seems to be unfolding, along with the potential transformative shift in the landscape of work that appears imminent.

To address this uncertainty, HR executives are formulating strategies to confront the future of work, encompassing considerations of inequality, upskilling, social safety nets, gender dynamics, and the evolving role of human labor in the 21st century.

This year’s annual HRO Today Association Conference & Awards Program (December 1, 2023; 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM ET, virtual via Zoom) will delve into the ever-shifting work landscape, through providing real-world insights into the disrupters that organizations had to overcome as well as the opportunities they faced and how they were able to solve them.  We will touch on the transformative potential of technology and skill advancement, while also addressing the imperative yet sometimes daunting task of anticipating and readying for upcoming disruptions in the labor market and the way people work and live.  By attending the 2023 Conference, you will gain insight on how you can plan for tomorrow and the future of work.

  • Past Indicators | Learn from our group of 2023 award finalists, as their success factors and accomplishments are highlighted and shared with all attendees. From innovative techniques in DEI and exemplary Leadership, to best in class recruitment and progressive HR strategies, we will reveal groundbreaking solutions for achieving HR success across ten award categories.
  • Future Predictions | During the live panel interview with several accomplished CHROs, they will discuss their winning formula for establishing business value in all things related to managing the workforce – from employee engagement to flexibility, benefits to mental health and acquiring and retaining top talent. They will also share their prediction on what the future of HR will look like and where in the world of HR as we know it today, they expect to see the most dramatic transformation.
  • Actionable Insights | If past performance is any indicator of future behavior, then HR and business leaders would be smart to reflect on how they effectively [or ineffectively] managed through the social, global, economic, and political disrupters that impacted their organization in the past. Gleaning insights from these reflections facilitates adept preparation for favorable future results. Attendees will gain deeper insight into this concept during the Crafting Practical Strategies for Future Readiness session.

Plan now to attend the 2023 HRO Today Association Conference & Awards Program and together we will envision the workplaces of tomorrow and discuss strategies to not only adapt but excel in this rapidly evolving environment!


Session 1: Crafting Practical Strategies for Future Readiness

Presented by Zachary Misko, Global Executive Director Emeritus, HRO Today Association

In this workshop, our focus will be on comprehending the influential elements poised to shape our future work landscape. We will introduce a range of inquiries to facilitate the acquisition of ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS, vital for formulating proactive strategies to navigate forthcoming shifts. Leveraging both conducted research and interactive engagement – featuring real-time voting and collaborative dialogues – we will collectively curate a definitive list of the ten most pertinent questions. This collection of questions will establish the groundwork for tackling challenges that possess the capacity to shape the course of the future of work.

Session 2: Keynote – Anticipating HR Operations in the (Near) Future Through the Lens of Generative AI

Presented by Stephan Paolini, Global People Practice Leader and Antoine Starek, Vice President, Business Services, Capgemini

Embark on a journey with Stephan and Antoine as they draw from their extensive expertise to delve into the realm of generative AI. Explore the profound influence that technology, especially AI, is poised to exert on the future landscape of work and everyday life. This transformative force will not only reshape business and consumer dynamics but also redefine employee expectations. In an endeavor to illuminate the path toward impactful and pertinent human resource operations and business methodologies, their presentation will offer attendees an invaluable opportunity to grasp:

  • The expansive horizon and potential ramifications of GenAI
  • Possibilities and challenges encompassing HR Operations.
  • The prerequisites for readiness.
  • Essential operational steps ahead, outlined as an initial roadmap for initiation.

Session 3: Forging the Way Ahead – Conversations with CHRO Visionaries

Panelists/Moderator: Elisa Bannon-Jones, Chief People Officer, GNC; Vicky Cansler, Chief Human Resources Officer, Piedmont Healthcare, Inc.; Mike Sorensen, Chief Collaborator Experience Officer, Nightingale College; Moderator: Larry Basinait, Vice President of Research, SharedXpertise

Join us for an engaging panel dialogue where three seasoned Chief Human Resource Officers, along with our very own “king of research”, share their insights into the future of work. Delve into the experienced viewpoints that these leaders offer, as they guide attendees through their approach and lessons learned within the shifting terrain of the workplace. Expect informed forecasts as they share their predictions for the future of HR that can enable your organization to deftly maneuver through potential disruptions and seamlessly transition into the upcoming work era.

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2023 HRO Today Association Awards

The HRO Today Association Awards is an annual recognition program that exemplifies the essential work that HR professionals do every day and provides people, teams, partners, and companies an opportunity to share best practices and successes so colleagues, and the industry, can benefit from their experience.

Awards nominations opened March 1st and are open to both Association members and non-members through the October 2nd nomination deadline. Upon review of the entries, finalists are notified and those in the North America and EMEA regions are invited to attend the Association Conference and Awards Program where the winners will be announced for those regions during event. All finalists are also posted to our Awards page. Click the button below for more information on the 2023 Awards program and to submit a nomination!