Notes from the President

Notes from the President: Next HR Table Talk Focuses on Direct Sourcing

On March 16, 2021, the HRO Today Association held its first HR Table Talk. Created to provide a safe space in which members can feel comfortable discussing challenging issues, the HR Table Talks series focuses on critical topics such as: HR technology, recognition, engagement, candidate experience, and more. Attendance is limited to create a feeling of closeness and security and are not recorded so participants can be completely open and honest when talking about their most pressing concerns. Talks are jointly facilitated by practitioner and provider members who help guide the conversation, offering their unique perspective and expertise. [expand title=”Read full letter here“]

At our first Talk, members came together to discuss one of the most important issues in the workforce today -diversity and inclusion. Last year’s events placed a spotlight on the need for equal opportunities for all and forced organizations to quickly reshape their values and practices. With the assistance of facilitators from Yoh and KenCrest, participants had a very progressive, enlightening, and inspirational conversation. Members talked about D&I being a journey and shared useful information, tips, and several powerful statements, including:

  • Be intentional – why are you creating this DE&I program? What are the goals?
  • Maintain momentum.
  • Bring your difference to work each day!
  • Think ahead, keeping some of the end in mind.
  • You need executive buy-in to support DE&I programs. There’s only so much you can do at a grass roots level.

Association member Sarah McMullen, Diversity Program Manager, Talent Acquisition at CVS Health, said following the Talk: “I really liked the small size of the group. It allowed for everyone to chime in with their thoughts and ask questions.” This is exactly what we were aiming for!

The next HR Table Talk will take place June 15th at 12pm ET. It will focus on the emerging trend of companies seeking to manage their contingent labor pools through “Direct Sourcing” by examining “Saving and Benefits of Direct Sourcing for Contingent Labor: Fact of Fiction?”

  • How are companies are using “direct sourcing” strategies and what does it mean?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct sourcing?
  • The pros and cons of doing contingent labor management internally and what that means with respect to technology and worker classification responsibilities.
  • What you need to recognize about your employment brand and its impact on prospective savings and success of direct sourcing.

You must be a member of the HRO Today Association to participate in the HR Table Talks series. The Association is the HR industry’s standard-setting community working to keep you connect and informed about the most critical topics in HR. Investing in membership is an affordable way for an entire organization to gain access to HR content and community. Please contact me for details ( I look forward to seeing you on an upcoming livestream or HR Table Talk.


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