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Workhuman Adds Admin Hub to Enhance UX for Recognition

Workhuman, the pioneer of employee recognition, is announcing the launch of Admin Hub, a centralized location providing program managers with enhanced oversight and controls for administrative tasks, vastly enhancing their Workhuman Platform experience. The company is also launching additional features and functionality that will allow program managers to optimize parts of their Social Recognition workflow, freeing up time to focus on tasks that will truly matter to their organization and culture. The features now available to Workhuman customers can be found below.

  • Award management to improve program oversight capabilities. Workhuman’s updated award management capabilities empower program owners with the ability to manage awards in a self-service capacity, eliminating the need for manual interventions. This functionality available within Admin Hub not only streamlines processes but offers an increased level of control and adaptability.
  • Delegation to expand capabilities for enhanced program administration. Workhuman now allows program managers the ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities for other individuals effortlessly within Admin Hub. This improved capability helps program managers seamlessly distribute workload and responsibilities while individuals are on out of office for any period of time.
  • Automated welcome awards to say hello and reduce voluntary turnover. Save time and remote the administrative burden of manual award nominations on managers and HR team and cultivate an instant sense of belonging for new hires. Colleagues and managers automatically receive a notification to recognize the new employee, and the new hire receives the award, filled with warm wishes from their peers. Automated welcome awards, which is part of the Workhuman celebrations bundle, also helps organizations reduce voluntary turnover. Workhuman program results have shown that new hires are four times more likely to stay through the first year based on the recognition that they are receiving.

“Program managers are the backbone of a successful recognition program, and we know how valuable their time is,” says Zoe Peterson-Ward, chief customer officer at Workhuman. “Our customers are demanding more self-service, more automation, and better visibility into their programs. The Admin Hub is a further example of how we continuously listen to our customers and then take steps to bring their requests to life. By simplifying certain tasks and updating the processes, our program managers are able to turn their attention to more impactful aspects of their program. I’m delighted to share that Workhuman will be making some incredible product-related updates this year, all focused on making sure our customers, and the program managers at those organizations, get the best and easiest experience possible.”

Workhuman has been leading and innovating the employee recognition market for 25 years. Its Social Recognition solution is a data-powered, science-backed tool that builds cultures of appreciation while fueling employee performance, building social bonds, and promoting inclusivity. Employee recognition, as Workhuman and Gallup research shows, is no longer a nice-to-have within an organization, but a must-have program as it, when done according to best practices, has incredible bottom-line benefits, including millions in turnover costs annually.

Workhuman will be rolling out additional features and functionality through the year. In particular, Workhuman is creating an unparalleled reporting experience for its customers, providing program owners with capabilities and visibility they have never had before. What once required an involved process of calling and requesting information will now be at the fingertips of users through self-service, on-demand platforms.

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