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U.S. Seeing More Terminations Than Global Average

Deel’s State of Global Hiring Report pulls insights from hundreds of thousands of global worker contracts across 2023. As salaries and job demand increases, global, domestic, and remote hiring is alive and well. Yet, even as terminations are declining overall, the U.S. is seeing more terminations than the global average.  

The EMEA and APAC regions are the fastest growing hiring regions in 2023, with the North American region being the fastest growing worker region, the report finds. The top five cities for remote workers in 2023 are London, Toronto, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and Madrid. The most popular global roles in 2023 include software engineers and developers, sales, content, product, and design professionals.  

Additional key findings from the report are below.  

  • The countries with the most workers on Deel are the Philippines, United States, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil.  
  • Employers in the U.K., Australia, and United States are hiring employees from the Philippines faster than other countries, while Netherlands, Japan, and Ireland are hiring U.S. workers faster. Spain, U.K., and Uruguay are hiring Argentinian workers fastest, while Spain, Colombia, and Argentina are hiring Colombian employees quickly. Lastly, Germany, Brazil, and Chile are hiring Brazilian employees quickly.  
  • Some of the most popular roles for global hiring include accounting, marketing, teaching, customer support, finance, consulting, data, quality assurance, and assistant.  

The United States has hired the most workers on Deel, the report finds, with the quickest hires coming from Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Jamaica for positions in software engineering, sales, and content. Still, the most popular countries to get visas for in 2023 include Canada, U.S., France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.  

Deel’s report finds 52% fewer involuntary terminations in November 2023 than in January 2023, with social media managers, influencer marketing managers, and business developers quicker to be terminated and translators, backend engineers, and customer service representatives slower to be terminated.  

The EMEA region saw a 7% increase in average salary across all new job contracts created, while the Latin American region saw a 2% increase, the APAC region saw a 1% increase, and the North American region saw a 5.5% decrease. The job roles with the greatest salary increases include teaching (24%), sales (8%), software engineering (4%), and content (3%). Job groups with the biggest decline in salary include customer support (16%), recruiting (15%), accounting (8%), assistant (7%), and marketing (7%).  

In 2023, Colombia saw a 162% increase in average salary for all new job contracts created, followed by 92% in India, 85% in Spain, 75% in Brazil, and 40% in Germany.  

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