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Survey: 87% of Employers Favor Automating Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence is redefining hiring and efficiency for companies that have embraced it in recent years, with organizations and job seekers alike viewing automation favorably, according to a recent survey of more than 500 employers and 200 job seekers and recent job-switchers by the Harris Poll on behalf of Indeed.  

While the overall sentiments from companies and job seekers on the implementation of AI are generally positive, the survey finds that companies don’t agree completely on its impact or where to use it—with differences by business size, according to Indeed.  

“While ‘automation’ is often grouped with AI, it’s important to recognize their distinctions,” says John Fox, vice president of product at Indeed. “Automation spans a broad spectrum of capabilities, one of which is aimed at relieving people of manual tasks, allowing them to prioritize what truly matters—human connection.”  

The survey finds that while companies and job seekers view automation favorably, employers see opportunities for more streamlined processes with automation. Key findings are below.  

  • Approximately 87% of employers have a positive view of integrating automation into their hiring process because of its widespread benefits. 
  • Nearly three-quarters (72%) of enterprise organizations have a more positive view of automation integration compared to medium-sized companies—showing that larger companies embrace automation in the hiring process.  
  • More than half (54%) of job seekers and job-switchers feel valued with the use of automation in the hiring process. 
  • Approximately 52% of job seekers and job-switchers feel automation increases their interest and willingness to apply for a job role. 
  • When a company uses automation, job seekers and job-switchers feel it makes the company seem more efficient (61%) as well as tech-savvy (44%) and innovative (42%).  
  • Among employees who do not currently use automation, 56% want to automate background checks and references, while 42% want to automate the resume screening process.  
  • Efficiency (52%) and time savings (50%) are perceived as primary advantages of automation, followed by faster onboarding (43%), consistency of the overall hiring process (38%), and reduced bias (37%).  

While the survey explores the favorable sentiments among companies and job seekers alike, it also reveals that many employers believe some components of the hiring process should remain human-driven. These scenarios include final decision-making (45%), candidate interviews (39%), and personalized communication (36%).  

Click here to see the full results.  

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