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Stress Management Ranks as Top Non-Medical Benefit

Wondr Health, the proven leader in preventive and chronic care metabolic, emotional, and physical health transformation, announced the results of a recent survey showing mental health remains a top concern among the workforce. With 2024 benefits season upon us, employers are reevaluating existing benefits and considering what would be most impactful for their employees. Wondr Health surveyed 500 respondents around the globe for their preferences on the most important non-medical benefits.  

The survey finds that stress-management programs rank as the top concern for employees (28.3%), followed by mental health resources (23.9%) and weight management resources (20.7%). Others include chronic condition support (9.8%), legal services (6.5%), pet insurance (5.7%), and family planning resources (3.6%).  

The results come at a time when workforce stress is prevalent – research from OSHA reports that 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress and 54% report that work stress affects their home life. Workplace stress leads to big losses in productivity fueled by increased turnover, absenteeism, and overall disengagement. For employers, investing in your employees’ collective mental wellness can have big returns – for every dollar spent on mental health concerns, employers see a $4 return in productivity gains.  

“It’s clear that mental health is a top concern for employees given that our workforce has more stress than ever,” says Dr. Tim Church, chief medical officer at Wondr Health. “Employers are uniquely positioned to make an impact and our survey findings reinforce the need for employer-sponsored resources to reduce stress and boost emotional and physical health.”  

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