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You Can’t Afford Not to Come

The annual Summit of outsourcing’s practitioners and providers will be in Florida. Will you?
By The Editors
Sure, the economy’s recovering… somewhere… or so we’re told… But when is that recovery going to get to me, and what can I do in the meantime to stay ahead?
Sure, healthcare reform will improve the lives of the uninsured, but will that improvement come at the cost of employers and insured employees?
Sure, HR outsourcing saves companies money, we all know that, but does that savings come at the expense of the employee? 
Sure, you’ve got an outsourcing contract with specific service levels, but will that document be worth the paper it’s printed on once the implementation starts?
These tough questions face employers and employees all over the country, and at the HRO Summit in Tampa, FL, October 19-21, we will take them head on. This year’s Summit will once again gather the largest group of HR executives actively engaged in and evaluating HR outsourcing and has become the place to get answers.
The Summit will open with a point-by-point analysis of the U.S. healthcare reform bill and its impact on employees, employers, and HR departments. Discussion will be led by David Merritt of the Center for Health Transformation. We will then dive into the employee experience, going beyond just minimizing the impact of outsourcing on employees to optimizing how employees, candidates, and retirees experience HRO.  From there, we will climb a level and look at how great companies like GE prepare leaders for the 21st century—and how they will lead companies through these tough times.
And that’s all in the first 90 minutes.
For this year’s Summit, once again designed by HR executives for HR executives, we had an overwhelming response to our call for submissions. The Summit Advisory Council had quite a job sorting through dozens of proposals. Marissa Hedengren of Prudential, Lisa Knutson and Kevin McDonald of EW Scripps, and Jack Oney of P&G represented the buying community to ensure the agenda hit all the “hot-button issues.” Thanks to them and all the Summit Advisory Council members (which included HR executives, service providers, and sourcing advisors), we narrowed the field to feature the very best, most targeted, set of sessions yet.
Based on input from the HR executive community and the council, we added sessions focused on driving innovation, quality, and ROI. Here’s a quick tour:
Driving Technology Innovation in HRO Engagements. How do you really get the most out of these relationships, and who needs to be at the table when pushing for innovation? The complex relationship between the client company, the technology provider, and the service provider will go under the microscope in this set of discussions, letting HR executives put provider companies on the spot.
The Next Generation of Technology and Service. How do you get an ROI on social media? What’s all this about hybrids, co-sourcing, and in-sourcing? What’s the business model to make learning and talent management payoff? What do you need to do to prepare for renewal and renegotiation? Each of these questions will be dealt with in concentrated working sessions—not “death by PowerPoint,” but real discussions where you get your questions answered.
Buyers-Only Sessions. As in years past, the entire first day of the Summit will stay dedicated to sessions open only to HR executives. In these peer-to-peer sessions for HR executives actively in an outsourcing relationship, as well as those still evaluating one, you can get your most hard-hitting questions answered. No vendors, no analysts. Just peers. 
We’ll also have user group sessions to interact directly with vendors and colleagues from other companies that also use that vendor. TPI will host a private briefing for buyers only discussing the future of HR, payroll, and benefits. And, for the first time, we’ll have the HRDemoShow Technology Lab where you can get hands-on with the latest in HRIT.
As the largest gathering of HR executives actively engaged in and evaluating HR outsourcing, HRO Summit provides a unique opportunity. When buyer companies, provider companies, and industry experts all gather under one roof, new possibilities open up. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get answers to your questions, wrestle with the big picture, and contribute to the whole practice of HR outsourcing. 
See you at the Saddlebrook in Tampa!


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